14 smart street lighting companies ranked in new research

14 smart street lighting companies ranked in new research

A new report has investigated the strategy and execution of 14 smart street lighting companies, acknowledging the growing role of intelligent lighting in smart city development.

The report, by market research company Navigant Research, ranks 14 smart street lighting companies which have deployed large-scale, connected street lighting systems in countries around the world. Recognising the role that smart street lighting will play in the growth of smart cities, the report seeks to highlight the forerunners in the emerging sector, and map its potential expansion.

As cities become smarter, the next phase of street lighting will involve the deployment of remote control technologies and sensors, which can not only ensure lighting is only in operation when it is needed, but which can collect data from a variety of sources, and ultimately facilitate further smart city innovations and technologies.

Which companies were the most successful?

The report presents a leaderboard of the 14 smart street lighting companies in question, and rates Signify (previously known as Philips Lighting), Itron and Telensa as the top three firms in terms of delivering on smart lighting.

The companies on the leaderboard were assessed based on ten criteria:

  • Vision
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Partners
  • Product strategy
  • Geographic reach
  • Market presence
  • Sales, marketing and distribution
  • Product features and portfolio
  • Product integration
  • Staying power

Each of the top three companies was seen to have developed innovative technology solutions, and recognised the importance of smart street lighting in the broader smart cities market, having deployed large-scale projects in multiple regions around the world.

By defining the above-listed key metrics for evaluating the potential of smart street lighting solutions providers to become global market leaders, the report could offer competitive advantages for lighting manufacturers, distributors and service companies trying to expand their businesses, and help them to evaluate their success compared to world-leading international players.


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