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European manufacturing decline

European manufacturing decline as 2018 ends

In a broad slowdown in activity across the industry, a European manufacturing decline appears to have taken hold of the latter end of 2018. IHS...
Shedding new light on laser applications in manufacturing processes

Shedding new light on laser applications in manufacturing processes

Government Europa looks at the role of lasers in manufacturing processes and how the technology is advancing industry and process. Laser techniques are increasingly harnessed...
pharmaceuticals in the environment

Pharmaceuticals in the environment: Commission to act

The European Commission has adopted a Communication detailing actions to be taken to avoid the proliferation of pharmaceutical substances into the environment. The Strategic Approach...
energy transition priorities

Energy transition priorities detailed in new report

German energy think tank Agora Energiewiende has released a report laying out 10 prospective priorities for the EU’s energy transition. The report, titled European Energy...
International Safety Awards 2019

International Safety Awards 2019: winners announced

The British Safety Council has announced the winners of its annual International Safety Awards, celebrating organisations’ dedication to worker safety. Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of...

Is it time to ReSOLVE the built environment?

Government Europa discusses the ReSOLVE framework and making the built environment circular with Carol Lemmens, director of Arup The situation of the European built environment...
EU consumer protection

EU consumer protection receives double boost

The rights of consumers in the EU will be better protected under new rules covering misleading seller practices and defective digital content. Unfair and misleading...
capacitive transfer system

Capacitive Transfer System: transforming the electricity sector

Enertechnos explains the changes in the way electricity is generated and consumed and outlines how its Capacitive Transfer System is capable of reducing electric...
low-carbon liquid fuels

Low-carbon liquid fuels: FuelsEurope’s 2050 vision

A low-carbon liquid fuels pathway to long term CO2 reduction in transport – FuelsEurope examines the future for clean transport. The EU established a goal...
battery injection moulding Jakertech

Battery injection moulding: faster, cheaper, better

JAKERTECH uses battery injection moulding, an established manufacturing technology, to develop products faster and cheaper than any other fabrication methods. Marc and Kim Jaker both...

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