About Us

Founded in 2011 Pan European Networks Ltd is an independent and privately-owned publishing company focusing on the relationship between the public and private sectors across Europe. Seven years later and with a new management team, the company has evolved into a fully digital publisher hosting three websites, each with its own digital publication that informs its audience of the latest news, views and developments in Europe and beyond.

The team running the company is our Head of Operations Stephanie Davies, Company Accountant Jeff Turner, Head of Design Rhiannon Evans and Head of Sales Craig Stubbs.

Specifically, we focus our attention on the government, science and health sectors.

Government Europa Quarterly

Government EuropaOur government publication delves into European governance covering sectors including transport, defence, energy, environment and maritime. Its host website, GovernmentEuropa.eu, is the first of our sites to gain Google News approval offering analysis of the latest political developments and how they will impact you.

Government Europa and Government Europa Quarterly examine policy decisions at all levels, from the European Commission down to regional authorities, to find the stories that will shape our future.

Our other titles are:

SciTech Europa Quarterly

Scitech EuropaOur science and technology publication exists to make sure that both the public and private sectors have the ability to communicate at the same level, from a scientific perspective. Our publication provides opportunities to leading figures from across Europe to discuss current and future projects, policy change and future priorities within research and development, as well as being a platform for others to voice their opinions and showcase their results to Europe’s research community.

The website, SciTechEuropa.eu, has now gained Google News approval which enables us to fully analyse content impact, optimise engagement and boost the visibility of our articles. It provides daily news covering the latest developments in all areas of science but with key interest in the research and innovation, health, environment, materials and nanotechnology, and space sectors.

Health Europa Quarterly

Health EuropaOur health publication is committed to highlighting the latest trends and developments in health and healthcare from across Europe and beyond. Our publication provides a valuable platform to the health sector, allowing them to discuss research and innovation themes, health policy and new technologies.

The accompanying website, HealthEuropa.eu, which has recently gained Google News approval features daily news, interviews and insightful commentary from leading figures, keeping readers informed and up to date on all aspects of health and care.

All of our publications are available freely through their respective websites, and we invite you to subscribe to our publications and newsletters to ensure you are kept up to date with the latest news in your sector free of charge.

How we source our content:

We strive to provide our readers with new, original and interesting content either through our free editorial features, or our paid-for Profile advertorials. We are continually seeking to attract more readers and visitors to our websites, so that our stories reach the widest possible audience. We do this in a number of ways of which the most important is having lots of new and original content. Most of our content comes from key figures within the public sector, academia, industry and the scientific community. In addition, we regularly send members of our small editorial team to events across Europe to report on stories in their sector, we ensure all of our content is well optimised for search, and we make sure our huge and growing customer database of over 250,000 people receive only the information that they have told us is relevant and of interest to them.

This is the reason why our advertisers, sponsors and partners choose our publications and websites to help tell their story. Furthermore, we can now provide all our partners with a fully bespoke and detailed statistical analysis pack via Google Analytics that easily and simply shows whether their investment with us has worked for them.

If you are interested in advertising in one of our publications, please get in touch with Craig Stubbs at craig@governmenteuropa.eu.