AI Traffic technology to deliver “radically enhanced” traffic updates

ai traffic technology
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Traffic management technology firm INRIX has developed a traffic solution which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide real time updates.

The new software, AI Traffic, is powered by a geospatial engine which uses deep learning technology to collate and analyse traffic data. The engine was built on a decade’s worth of data, comprising ‘trillions’ of data points drawn from connected vehicles, mobile phones, weather trends and historical traffic incidents; and is capable of taking in data, analysing it and producing conclusions with unprecedented speed.

By providing instantaneous updates on traffic speeds and estimated times of arrival (ETAs), AI Traffic is projected to reduce journey times, assist drivers in making informed decisions about their journeys and enable policymakers and transport authorities to optimise public safety protocols and develop infrastructure to best meet users’ needs.

Features of the new AI Traffic software include:

  • Accurate ETAs, allowing drivers to arrive at their destination on time or make alternate arrangements;
  • Instant updates on road conditions, including pinpointing areas with high levels of congestion and providing updates on traffic accidents and roadworks;
  • Precise information on traffic speeds in different road lanes, allowing drivers to optimise their journey for speed; and
  • Speed and traffic calculation capabilities covering large and small roads worldwide.

Mark Daymond, Chief Technology Officer at INRIX, said: “AI seems like an intangible technology but INRIX is taking advantage of its endless capabilities to improve transportation around the world. By radically enhancing precision, timeliness, detail and coverage, INRIX AI Traffic is an evolution in traffic intelligence for connected cars and smart cities.”

INRIX, a world leader in connected mobility, was the world’s first company to produce a traffic network based around crowdsourced data; as well as developing XD Traffic, the first map-based traffic solution software to combine data drawn from public, agency and journalistic sources. INRIX has partnered with public and private bodies in the transport sector to deliver comprehensive traffic optimisation solutions.


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