Aquaculture Innovation Europe 2019 finalists announced

aquaculture innovation europe
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Finalists have been announced for the 2019 Aquaculture Innovation Europe awards, due to be presented on 10 and 11 September.

The 13 shortlisted innovators will be given the opportunity to present their products and services to the selection committee at the Aquaculture Innovation Europe showcase in September. The finalists are:

  • Aquaconnect, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based fish disease predictive service for aquaculture farmers and operators;
  • AquiNovo Ltd, which produces feed additives which have a proven beneficial effect on stock yield – the additives, which are non-GMO and do not contain hormones, accelerate fish growth and improve the ratio of production outlay to yield size;
  • CFEED AS, a biotechnology firm developing fish and crustacean feed solutions;
  • Fishency Innovation AS, whose CEO Flavie Gohin said: “Sea lice is the biggest challenge of the fish farming industry in Norway. The industry needs a digital system that can continuously count sea lice on the salmon, without handling, on a large and representative sample. The farmer will need a better knowledge of the sea lice infection in each cage and treat only when it is needed. We enable the farmer to be proactive rather than reactive.”;
  • Gentirate, Inc., a genetics research firm specialising in genetic selection for optimised growth – Gentirate has developed the first genetic test which can select for feed efficiency;
  • GoSmart – Precision Farming, which has created the BioCam monitoring tool to enable aquaculture operators to measure and track data in real time;
  • inalve, which produces a sustainable feeding solution derived from microalgae;
  • JET Seafood AS, a business-to-business trading platform designed to meet the specific needs of aquaculture companies;
  • NovoNutrients, which has developed a proprietary process melding untreated industrial CO2 emissions with hydrogen to produce Novomeal, a protein-based feed;
  • Observe Technologies, whose co-founder and CEO Hemang Rishi said: “We use Artificial Intelligence to give actionable insights to optimise the biggest costs on fish farms: from feeding to health. Our recommendations have been developed with farmers globally. By monitoring any deviations and abnormalities, our product help manage fish farm sites more efficiently, minimise feed waste and increase profits.”;
  • TransAlgae, whose pharmaceutical delivery process enables medicines to be injected into algae for easy consumption by fish, reducing the need for injections;
  • UNDERSEE, a connected platform enabling users to monitor the quality of water; and
  • Wittaya Aqua International Inc., which provides a cloud-based farm management platform enabling users to track and analyse operations remotely.

A spokesman for Aquaculture Innovation Europe said: “The applications have been read, the votes have been counted and the final thirteen innovators who will be showcasing their disruptive aquaculture technologies on the main stage at the Aquaculture Innovation Summit have been chosen. We are thrilled to announce that the start-ups shortlisted by our prestigious selection committee.”


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