Aviation Strategy for Europe: EU and China sign safety agreement

aviation strategy for europe
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Following April’s EU-China Summit, the EU and China have signed an agreement to strengthen cooperation on civil aviation safety.

The agreement is designed to boost relations between the aviation sectors in the EU and China and falls under the Juncker Commission’s Aviation Strategy for Europe, which aims to promote innovation and growth in the industry and allow passengers to benefit from cheaper, safer and greener air travel options.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said: “In an increasingly unsettled world, Europe’s partnership with China is more important than ever before. The EU firmly believes that nations working together makes the world a stronger, safer and more prosperous place for all. Today we took a first big step in this direction by signing two aviation agreements with China that will create jobs, boost growth and bring our continents and peoples closer together. Today’s agreements show the potential of our partnership and we should continue on this path of cooperation. For it will always be in unity that we find strength.”

The primary objective of the bilateral civil aviation safety agreement (BASA) is to support global trade and reduce costs across the sector by eliminating unnecessary duplication of evaluative and administrative processes; as well as encouraging cooperation between the EU and China on the dual goals of ensuring high levels of safety in the civil aviation sector and promoting environmental compatibility, in line with the standards laid out in the Aviation Strategy for Europe.

Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc said: “China is one of the European Union’s most important strategic partners and we attach a lot of importance to our excellent relations on transport matters. We are mutually interested in better connecting Europe and Asia and making it easier to move goods, services and people between Europe and China. That applies to aviation, too. Today’s agreements will boost the European Union’s trade in aircraft and related products and ensure the highest levels of air safety.”


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