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Champions of biometric electronic cards, unique ID and privacy protection

The online life of every individual is increasing, requiring a better unique user identification and full privacy protection.

As life becomes more digital and we see fraud and identity theft moving from the physical world to the digital world, with skyrocketing costs due to online fraud and cybercriminal activities, the importance of securing a unique user ID and protection of the individual’s privacy has become more important than ever.

As leading technology provider to the card industry, CardLab Innovation secures unique card holder identification and simultaneous privacy protection by using our unique and secure technology for any card ranging from payment cards, access cards, ID cards, and passports, etc.

Biometric card solutions contain a full “System on Card” platform, ensuring that the fingerprint never leaves the cards and all authentication is made offline, on the card – out of hacker environments – and only tokens or cryptograms are communicated from the card, disabling skimmers on the internet from identifying or stealing essential personal data.

This gives a range of use cases wherein unique identity can be provided for the elimination of fraud and securing full privacy protection, etc. giving:

  • Secure E-trading, changing the ‘Card Not Present’ to ‘Card Present’ situation.
  • Eliminating contactless card skimming.
  • Full card holder control on when and where to expose card data.
  • Only correct biometric fingerprint gains access to open the card.
  • Unique identification of block chain users and Cryptocurrency holders.
  • Passport skimming protection and biometric identification of the passport holder.

CardLab’s biometric solutions have a multitude of user areas and are the primary building blocks of CardLab patented technologies, which also include dual dynamic magstripe technology, Radio-frequency identification (RFID) skimming protection, self-powered card activation system, “All in One“ technology and App solution, Biometric backend authentication and an ID management system.

All the solutions can be combined in a way that suits the user’s exact security need is compatible with the customers’ existing infrastructure – securing low implementation cost on enhanced security.

CardLab in short

CardLab is a Danish company established in 2006 and today a leading supplier of microelectronic solutions for powered cards. Capable of delivering any services from card design to the mass production of electronic Smart cards, CardLab provides several card solutions, ranging from:

  • Cards with biometric sensors to secure correct card user.
  • RFID skimming protection cards.
  • Dynamic magstripe cards.
  • Connected card with “All in One” card solution.
  • Customized card solutions to customers requirements.

CardLab Innovation perspective

To CardLab it has been important to provide solutions that can benefit all persons and society as a whole by reducing fraud, identity theft, illegal access and cybercriminal activities.

For more information on CardLab Aps please visit:


  • Microelectronics for powered Smart cards;
  • Biometric card solutions with fingerprint sensor;
  • Card customization capabilities as a “One stop shop”;
  • Secure biometric cards for E-banking, E-commerce and E-government;
  • Dual dynamic magstripe capabilities in cards;
  • Lamination of complex electronic cards;
  • Power management systems for powered Smart Cards;
  • Connecting cards via NFC or BLE to host device.
  • Biometric fingerprint sensors;
  • Card print optimization;
  • Card antenna optimization;
  • Payment card solutions;
  • Access and ID cards solutions;
  • Card Innovation and security.

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