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Monitoring critical fluids for optimal maritime performance

Martechnic is a Hamburg-based company which specialises in the monitoring and management of fuel, lubricant, hydraulic oil and other critical fluids for maritime applications. Since...

Hands-free push-to-talk devices for any situation

AINA Wireless is based in Finland, and has combined engineers and international business professionals with more than 20 years' experience in industry, emergency services...

Low-carbon global economies powered by Sustainable Decisions

Sustainable Decisions Limited is a think tank engaged in accelerating the transition to low-carbon global economies through societal capability building and sustainable infrastructure development. They...

Could the purification of used glycol help the environment?

Recyctec began in 2005 as an idea to develop a globally unique method for the purification of used glycol. The process for the purification of...

A marine service provider offering fast, professional solutions

Clever Marine Services (CMS) was established in 2009 on the Isle of Man as a marine service provider with a dedicated core team and...

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