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coalition for higher ambition

Coalition for Higher Ambition calls for climate action

A coalition of European businesses, investors, public authorities and civil organisations has called on EU leaders to be more ambitious in addressing climate change. The...
eu council criticised

EU Council criticised over inaction in Hungary

The EU’s Civil Liberties Committee has criticised the EU Council over its perceived failure to act to protect EU values in Hungary. MEPs on the...
electrical storage startups

Electrical storage startups win InnoEnergy grants

EU sustainable energy innovation body InnoEnergy has awarded two €100,000 grants to startups developing sustainable electrical storage options. 10 finalists in InnoEnergy’s call for innovative...
megacity data centres

Megacity data centres: solving infrastructure issues

Neil Cresswell, CEO at VIRTUS Data Centres, explains the challenges facing megacities, highlighting how these issues can be resolved. The prospect of better employment and...
EU27 approve extension

EU27 approve extension to Article 50

The European Council has approved a short extension to the UK’s membership of the EU, postponing Brexit until at least April. Leaders of the 27...
clean energy infrastructure

Clean energy infrastructure funding released

The European Commission yesterday released €750 million in EU funding for the construction and maintenance of clean energy infrastructure. The funding will go towards supporting...

IMPACT>MOBILITY conference: 50 free tickets released

IMPACT>MOBILITY, the smart mobility conference to be held in Amsterdam in June, has released 50 free tickets for city and government representatives. The complimentary tickets...
sustainable recreational fishing reform

Sustainable recreational fishing reform urged

A new report has laid out five priorities to bring legislation on recreational fishing in line with conservation guidelines for industrial fisheries. Around 220 million...
eu cybersecurity briefing paper

EU cybersecurity briefing paper identifies multiple challenges

A briefing paper from the European Court of Auditors highlights “multiple challenges” still present in EU cybersecurity policy. The paper, aimed at providing a comprehensive...
European waste prevention policy

European waste prevention policy: an overview

GE speaks to Piotr Barczak, senior policy officer for waste at the European Environment Bureau, about the importance of waste prevention. The amount of waste...

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