Friday, October 18, 2019
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regional biodiversity loss

Regional biodiversity change study maps global ecosystem changes

A new study has analysed regional differences in biodiversity change, showing significant variations between different geographic areas. The ‘Geography of biodiversity change in marine and...
blockchain for seafood traceability

Blockchain for seafood traceability in the scallop industry

IBM has launched a platform which deploys blockchain for seafood traceability by logging the supply chain route of seafood catches. A collaboration of sourcing partners,...
refugee entrepreneurship

Refugee entrepreneurship pilot launched in UK

A UK programme has launched, aimed at providing entrepreneurship training for refugees through partnerships with local businesses. The programme, which is jointly funded by the...
arctic 5g

Arctic 5G pilot to test connectivity in Norwegian tundra

The world’s northernmost pilot project will test 5G connectivity in Arctic conditions on the archipelago of Svalbard, Norway. The Arctic 5G pilot will be conducted...
eu migration

EU migration progress detailed in Commission report

The European Commission has released a report detailing the progress of the EU Agenda on Migration, four years after its inception. The Commission highlighted the...
scotland active travel

Scotland active travel projects to promote walking, cycling

The Scottish government has announced it will support a number of active travel projects, boosting walking and cycling facilities across Scotland. In accordance with the...
air quality report

Air quality report shows excessive pollution levels in most EU cities

The European Environment Agency’s (EEA) 2019 air quality report, analysing levels of exposure to air pollution across the EU, has been released. The air quality...
eu critical infrastructure

EU critical infrastructure receives incentive investments

EU funding has been allocated to startups for critical infrastructure projects and next generation technologies as railway systems and technology development picks up speed Railway...
baltic sea fishing quotas

Baltic Sea fishing quotas denounced by NGOs, campaigners

Conservation groups have expressed concern over the 2020 Baltic Sea fishing quotas set by the EU’s Agriculture and Fisheries Council (AGRIFISH). Total allowable catches (TACs)...
european labour authority

European Labour Authority to facilitate cross-border work

The European Labour Authority, designed to streamline and facilitate regulation enforcement on work and social security between Member States, has launched. With around 17.5 million...

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