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eod community mental health

EOD community mental health: providing current and future support

Men and women of the EOD community are continually on the front line: it is vital we support EOD community mental health. The Explosive Ordnance...
internal displacement in myanmar

Internal displacement in Myanmar: EU offers aid package

The European Commission has announced a €9m aid package to support people affected by internal displacement in Myanmar. The humanitarian aid allocation will be primarily...
prorogation of parliament

Prorogation of Parliament leads to UK outrage

A UK petition calling on the government to prevent the prorogation of Parliament has achieved more than a million signatures since its launch on...
technology for child safety

Technology for child safety both inside and outside the home

Guest contributor Ali Dockerty examines the benefits of emerging technology for child safety, monitoring and protection. Thanks to the ever-expanding Internet of Things and rapid advancements...
day of remembrance

Day of Remembrance for Victims of Totalitarian Regimes

Today, 23 August, marks Black Ribbon Day: the EU-wide Day of Remembrance for Victims of Totalitarian Regimes. The day of remembrance commemorates the signing in...
protecting children online

Protecting children online: digital services cannot turn a blind eye to age

PRIVO makes the case for allowing kids their own online identity in the drive towards protecting children online. Today's children, tweens and teens have no...
corruption in slovakia

Corruption in Slovakia: report urges action against ‘systemic weaknesses’

A new report has called for stricter legislative frameworks to better combat government and police corruption in Slovakia. To gather data for the report, an...
ebola in burundi

Ebola in Burundi: EU funding to prevent spread of disease

The European Commission has released aid funding to prevent the spread of Ebola in Burundi as the disease continues to spread through the neighbouring...
cybersecurity in smart cities

Cybersecurity in smart cities: lack of funding increases vulnerabilities

New research has found that, while smart city technologies are growing worldwide, investment in cybersecurity in smart cities is dangerously low. The ‘Smart City Cybersecurity’...
the future of cybersecurity in europe

The future of cybersecurity in Europe: an overview

Olivia Scott of VPNPro.com, a team of online privacy and security experts, explores the future of cybersecurity in Europe. Throughout the digital age cyber-attacks have...

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