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Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen ordered to repay €41,554

The European Union General Court yesterday ordered French far right leader Marine Le Pen to repay €41,554 in misused parliamentary assistance funds. Marine Le Pen,...
Facebook fake news inquiry

Facebook fake news inquiry: Zuckerberg absent, Allan unhelpful

Richard Allan, Facebook’s Director of Policy in Europe, appeared before MPs at a Facebook fake news inquiry yesterday to answer questions about Facebook’s role...
fundamental rights colloquium

Fundamental Rights Colloquium to cover democracy in the EU

The European Commission’s annual Fundamental Rights Colloquium, which runs from Monday 26 to Tuesday 27 November, has taken the theme this year of “Democracy...
Spanish support for Brexit

Spanish support for Brexit in jeopardy over Gibraltar

Spain’s EU Secretary has threatened to withdraw Spanish support for Brexit over altered language pertaining to Gibraltar in Theresa May’s much-maligned withdrawal agreement. Luis Marco...
Polish judiciary

Polish judiciary retirement law to be rescinded

The government of Poland has proposed a measure to roll back a controversial piece of legislation lowering the compulsory retirement age for the Polish...
foreign direct investment screening

Foreign direct investment screening deal passes

Trade negotiators from the European Parliament reached an agreement yesterday with representatives of the European Council and Commission to establish foreign direct investment screening...
Joint EU Intelligence School

Joint EU Intelligence School to train EU spies

Foreign and defence ministers from 25 Member States have agreed to establish a Joint EU Intelligence School, training intelligence professionals across the EU. The Joint...
brexit legal challenge

Brexit legal challenge: UK government appeals

The UK Supreme Court is considering whether to hear an appeal filed by the government over a Brexit legal challenge to be heard in...
defence geospatial intelligence

Defence Geospatial Intelligence report offers insight into industry

A new report from Defence Geospatial Intelligence (DGI) aims to build a comprehensive picture of the challenges faced by geospatial intelligence professionals and the...
Special Committee on Terrorism

Special Committee on Terrorism calls for EU cooperation

The European Special Committee on Terrorism has adopted its final report, which sets out a range of measures Member States should take to combat...

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