Monday, September 16, 2019

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disaster response in greece

Disaster response in Greece: rescEU planes deployed to fight fires

The EU has mobilised assets towards disaster response in Greece, aimed at tackling the forest fires ravaging the country. Assets deployed by rescEU, the bloc’s...
haiti humanitarian crisis

Haiti humanitarian crisis: EU deploys €9m to combat food shortages

The EU has mobilised €9m in aid to alleviate the ongoing Haiti humanitarian crisis, which has seen 25% of the country’s population facing food...
trapped in yemen

Trapped in Yemen: concerns grow for civilian NGO staff

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has expressed concerns over the safety of members of its staff trapped in Yemen as conflict increases. Fighting in the...
czech network sharing antitrust

Czech network sharing antitrust investigation finds potential breach

The European Commission has issued a Statement of Objection to telecommunications providers in a Czech network sharing antitrust investigation. The initial findings of the Commission’s...
emergency assistance to migrants

Emergency assistance to migrants urged by Europarl President

European Parliament President David Sassoli has called for emergency assistance to migrants trapped at sea. In a letter to outgoing European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker,...
horn of africa aid

Horn of Africa aid: European Commission to mobilise €50m

The European Commission has announced it will deploy €50m in humanitarian aid funding to drought-hit regions in the Horn of Africa. €20m will be allocated...

Home Office rejects call for a time limit on immigration detention

The UK government has rejected a call for a time limit for immigration detention. The policy was suggested by Human Rights Committee chair Harriet...

250 British troops to be deployed in Mali

UK armed forces will deploy 250 troops to Mali in 2020 on peacekeeping operations spearheaded by the United Nations. The increased instability in the Sahel...
data breach cybersecurity

Data breach cybersecurity: digital walls and guards for business

Tech blogger and contributor Andriana Moskovska details the threats posed to businesses by compromised data and how to avoid a data breach. According to recent statistics,  more...
money laundering and terrorism financing

Money laundering and terrorism financing: Commission to boost security

The European Commission has declared its intention to strengthen EU measures combating money laundering and terrorism financing. The Commission has adopted a formal communication, Towards...

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