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AI and public standards

AI and public standards: UK report announced

The UK’s Committee on Standards in Public Life intends to conduct a review into the efficacy of existing frameworks and standards governing artificial intelligence. As...
eu council criticised

EU Council criticised over inaction in Hungary

The EU’s Civil Liberties Committee has criticised the EU Council over its perceived failure to act to protect EU values in Hungary. MEPs on the...
eu cybersecurity briefing paper

EU cybersecurity briefing paper identifies multiple challenges

A briefing paper from the European Court of Auditors highlights “multiple challenges” still present in EU cybersecurity policy. The paper, aimed at providing a comprehensive...
european defence fund progress

European Defence Fund progress on track

The European Commission has adopted plans to co-finance €500 million in joint defence industrial projects and €25 million in joint defence research between 2019...
eu renews sanctions on russia

EU renews sanctions on Russia over Kerch Strait, Crimea

The European Council has issued new EU sanctions on Russia and extended those already in place in reflection of Russia’s violations of international law. Three...
free and fair elections

Free and fair elections: Commission urges vigilance

The European Commission has urged Member States to exercise vigilance and transparency in the face of attempts to disrupt free and fair elections in...
turkey eu accession

Turkey EU accession to be suspended

The European Parliament has recommended negotiations over Turkey’s accession to the EU be suspended over the country’s poor track record on EU values. MEPs agreed...
cybercrime in the uk

Cybercrime in the UK: how safe is your data?

As with any form of crime, the battle for cyber security is a continuous struggle. Even though cyber professionals continue to develop new strategies...
EU victims' rights

EU victims’ rights must be supported – report

A report issued yesterday detailed the difficulties experienced by victims of crime in the EU in accessing support, reparative justice and compensation. Joëlle Milquet, Special...
electronic evidence gathering

Electronic evidence gathering package: Council agrees position

The European Council has come to terms on its position on a package to improve the cross-border sharing of electronic evidence. The package, designed to...

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