Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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terrorism crisis protocol

Terrorism crisis protocol to arrest spread of extremist content

The fifth annual meeting of the EU Internet Forum has produced a terrorism Crisis Protocol to address the spread of viral terrorist content online. The...
whistleblower protection

Whistleblower protection to be boosted under new EU directive

The Council of the EU has agreed to adopt new rules shoring up the protection of whistleblowers across a range of sectors from retaliation. At...
border checks and brexit gordian knot

Borders, checks and Brexit: a Gordian knot around the EU Customs Union?

Tony Smith CBE, former Head of UK Border Force and expert panellist to the UK Parliamentary Commission for Alternative Arrangements to the Irish Border,...
iot cybersecurity

IoT cybersecurity firm championed by innogy Innovation Hub

Technology innovation investor innogy Innovation Hub has led investment in ShieldIOT, an Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity specialist firm. The innogy Innovation Hub, the venture...
definition of terrorism

Definition of terrorism: has it become a toxic term?

Vicente Medina Ph.D., Associate Professor at Seton Hall University’s Department of Philosophy, asks: how is the function of the term ‘terrorism’ useful if there...
gdpr fines

GDPR fines: a road to nowhere?

Andy Barratt, UK MD at cybersecurity consultancy Coalfire, evaluates the way GDPR fines are levied and asks whether the current process will benefit organisations...
hate speech open letter

Hate speech open letter: experts call for action

A group of experts from the United Nations (UN) has published an open letter calling on UN Member States and social media platforms to...
biometric card payments

Is the age of biometric card payments here?

The card industry and regulators must incorporate new technology, including biometric card payments, to combat card fraud. The rise in payment card fraud has forced...
labour exploitation

Labour exploitation: Brexit to increase ‘conveyor belt’ of trafficked migrants

Immigration Advice Service political correspondent Olivia Bridge outlines the growing risk of Brexit to labour exploitation and human trafficking. Human trafficking, slavery and labour exploitation...
explosive ordnance disposal

Explosive ordnance disposal from Afghanistan to the Ukraine

The HALO Trust is an international non-profit conducting essential explosive ordnance disposal around the world. As one of very few efforts to clear war-torn areas...

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