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Advancing cyberstability at the Paris Peace Forum

The Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC) issued its final report Advancing Cyberstability, as part of a panel held at the 2019...
secure payment innovation logpay

Secure payment innovation with LogPay Financial Services

LogPay Financial Services is a German secure payment service provider which offers innovation and full service solutions for digital sales channels. Development, innovation and usage...
security union

Security Union progress praised in new report

The European Commission has assessed the progress made so far towards achieving an effective, comprehensive EU Security Union. The Commission’s 20th progress report details the...
industrial rail cybersecurity

Industrial rail cybersecurity imperative for the future of transport

Courtney Schneider, Cyber Policy Research Manager at Waterfall Security Solutions, discusses the importance of industrial cybersecurity for rail transport. Top priorities for most rail transport...
eu disinformation self-assessments

EU disinformation self-assessments released

The European Commission has published the first annual self-assessments conducted by signatories to its Code of Practice on Disinformation. The EU’s Code of Practice on...
eu-us privacy shield

EU-US Privacy Shield review details progress

The third annual review of the progress of the EU-US Privacy Shield framework, which provides a secure flow of protected data, has been released. The...
uk counter-drone strategy

UK counter-drone strategy to address growing risks of misuse

The UK government is set to develop a new mobile drone detection and disruption unit as part of its counter-drone strategy. The UK counter-drone strategy,...
emergency assistance to libya

Emergency assistance to Libya released as refugees flee region

The European Commission has announced it will release €2m in emergency assistance to Libya, to support communities affected by ongoing conflict in the region. The...
uk cybersecurity partnership

UK cybersecurity partnership to boost protection from online attacks

A new UK cybersecurity partnership between industry and government bodies is set to shore up protection against online threats for both businesses and the...
eu migration

EU migration progress detailed in Commission report

The European Commission has released a report detailing the progress of the EU Agenda on Migration, four years after its inception. The Commission highlighted the...

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