Monday, September 16, 2019

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gdpr impact report

GDPR impact report details EU data protection progress

The European Commission has published a GDPR impact report assessing Member States’ implementation of the regulation so far. The report, published just over a year...
humanitarian aid to south asia

Humanitarian aid to South Asia to support disaster relief

The European Commission has announced a new €8.5m funding package of humanitarian aid to South Asia to alleviate the impact of natural disasters in...
refugee support in turkey

Refugee support in Turkey: Commission to deploy €1.41bn

The European Commission has announced €1.41bn in assistance measures for refugee support in Turkey, which hosts the world’s largest refugee population. The funding, to be...
fake news and social censorship

Fake news and social censorship: an overview

Tabby Farrar, Senior Outreach Specialist at digital marketing firm Further, explores ‘fake news’ and the rise of social censorship. In 2011, ‘fake news’ was the...
national 5g risk assessments

National 5G risk assessments completed by 24 Member States

In accordance with a recommendation by the European Commission, 24 Member States have now conducted national 5G risk assessments. The national 5G risk assessments will...
amazon antitrust

Amazon antitrust investigation opened by European Commission

The European Commission has launched a formal antitrust investigation into potential anti-competitive practices by the online retail giant Amazon. Amazon’s online platform serves two main...
sanctions on turkey

Sanctions on Turkey as Foreign Minister vows to continue Cyprus drilling

The Turkish government has responded dismissively to the EU’s threat to impose sanctions on Turkey over drilling in the Mediterranean. The Council of the EU...
scotland immigration policy

Scotland immigration concerns raised in letter to minister

Scotland’s Migration Minister Ben Macpherson has called on the UK Home Office to facilitate the development of a progressive Scottish immigration policy. Macpherson has published...
good character requirement

Good character requirement for migrants to be tightened and expanded

Conor Kavanagh, correspondent for the UK’s leading organisation of immigration lawyers the Immigration Advice Service, analyses the UK’s good character requirement for citizenship applicants. In...
cybersecurity and data protection

Cybersecurity and data protection: when mistakes make headlines

Andy Barratt, UK MD at cybersecurity consultancy Coalfire, explores ways to strengthen cybersecurity and data protection policy in the public sector. Everyone makes mistakes. After...

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