Friday, July 19, 2019

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uk refugee resettlement

UK refugee resettlement scheme to serve vulnerable groups

The UK Home Office has announced plans to resettle around 5,000 vulnerable refugees per year under a new scheme set to begin in 2020. The...
regulation of explosives precursors

Regulation of explosives precursors strengthened in EU

The Council of the EU has adopted priority measures strengthening the EU’s rules governing the marketing and sale of explosive precursor materials. Under the new...
emergency management drones

Emergency management drones tested in France, Italy

An initiative funded by innovation body EIT Digital is trialling emergency management drones for use in fires, locating missing persons and other emergency situations. Autonomous...
disinformation and democracy in the eu

Disinformation and democracy in the EU: progress outlined in new report

The European Commission and High Representative have released a report detailing the EU’s progress in its fight against disinformation. Concerns over disinformation and democracy in...
ebola crisis aid package

Ebola crisis aid package released for Uganda, South Sudan

The EU has announced a €3.5m emergency funding package for the prevention and treatment of Ebola in South Sudan and Uganda. The EU has provided...
special safeguards for children

Special safeguards for children enshrined in new EU directive

The EU’s directive on special safeguards for children in criminal justice proceedings came into force yesterday, 11 June. The new directive is one of six...
migration policy funding

Migration policy funding: Council sets negotiating positions

The European Council has reached a partial position on future funding for border control, security and migration measures across the EU. The migration policy funding...
future of terrorism

Future of terrorism outlined in new study

A new study has drawn on analysis of existing terrorism data to project scenarios modelling the future of terrorism in 2040. The ‘Five terrorist dystopias’...
international criminal investigations

International criminal investigations to benefit from evidence sharing

EU Member States have given the European Commission a mandate to negotiate new international agreements for the cross-border exchange of evidence in criminal investigations. The...
women's political mobilisation conflict-related sexual violence

Women’s political mobilisation linked to conflict-related sexual violence

A new study appears to show that sexual violence in armed conflict may spur on women’s political mobilisation and agency. The author of the thesis,...

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