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Circular Plastics Alliance

Circular Plastics Alliance launched in Europe

The European Commission has launched its Circular Plastics Alliance, an initiative to reduce plastic waste and promote recycling of plastics. The Circular Plastics Alliance, a...
eu pesticide approval procedure

EU pesticide approval procedure to become clearer, safer

The EU special committee on pesticides has adopted plans to make the EU pesticide approval procedure more transparent and accountable. MEPs agreed that members of...
Polish coal funding

Polish coal funding derails EU energy deal

A proposed EU deal on electricity market reform has fallen through due to the European Council’s defence of Polish coal funding. EU legislators negotiated for...
Scottish circular economy

Scottish circular economy to go mainstream

The Scottish circular economy has gone from theory to practice. With international recognition for our successes to date, it’s now time to go to...
Baltic Pipe Project

Baltic Pipe Project investment approved

Poland and Denmark have agreed joint investment in the Baltic Pipe Project, a natural gas pipeline to be built under the Baltic sea supplying...
Conference of the Parties

Conference of the Parties on climate change begins

The United Nations Conference of the Parties, focusing on international action to combat climate change, began today in Katowice, Poland. The 24th annual Conference of...
climate neutral by 2050

Climate neutral by 2050: European Commission’s pledge

The European Commission has adopted a long term strategy to make the European economy fully climate neutral by 2050. The strategy will see EU Member...
French renewable energy

French renewable energy: €600 million for solar innovation

As President Macron makes a push for French renewable energy advances, the European Commission has approved €600 million to support solar power innovation in...
solar geoengineering

Solar geoengineering could tackle climate change

A new study recommends implementing solar geoengineering, the practice of injecting particles into the stratosphere to partially block the sun’s rays, to combat climate...
Extinction Rebellion swarm

Extinction Rebellion swarm: police warn motorists to stay away

As Extinction Rebellion swarm protesters cause increasing traffic disruption, police have advised motorists against driving in London for the rest of this week. The Extinction...

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