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uk coal-free power

UK coal-free power breaks record

Power stations in the UK have generated a record 650 hours of energy without burning coal in the first three months of 2019. The result,...
just transition fund

Just transition fund urged as Polish costs rise

A Polish thinktank has highlighted the risks to social mobility of the EU’s transition to primary reliance on clean energy sources. Piotr Arak, director of...
state of the energy union 2019

State of the Energy Union 2019 report released

The European Commission’s fourth annual report into the State of the Energy Union, released this week, details the success of the Energy Union so...
ocean plastic treaty

Ocean plastic treaty urged by Nordic states, WWF

Environment ministers from Nordic countries have formally called for a global ocean plastic treaty to address the widespread issue of marine pollution. Ministers for the...
circular economy and mobility

Circular economy and mobility new energy priorities

European sustainable energy innovation engine EIT InnoEnergy has announced Europe’s most pressing energy challenges: the circular economy and mobility. Transport of goods and people account for...
Surplus steel: optimising the sustainability of steel

Surplus steel: optimising the sustainability of steel

Construction projects utilising surplus steel are achieving huge environmental savings. However, legislation may hamper further growth. Recent studies have found that using surplus steel for...
circular economy packaging

Circular economy packaging: stylish and sustainable

COLOURFORM demonstrates that circular economy packaging design does not need to compromise on style and substance. Prestige paper-maker James Cropper is no stranger to change;...
eu environmental policy

EU environmental policy analysed in new review

The European Commission has published its second annual Environmental Implementation Review, gauging the progress of EU environmental policy. The review aims to improve the implementation...
2019 food crisis report

2019 food crisis report urges greater cooperation

A comprehensive report into food crises around the world in 2018, released on Tuesday, found that 113 million people worldwide experience acute food insecurity. The...
agricultural development reforms

Agricultural development reforms approved

The Agricultural Committee in the European Parliament has approved a second round of proposed reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy. The reforms, following the approval...

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