Saturday, December 7, 2019

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Europe to increase efficiency with tyre labelling

A political agreement on European tyre labelling was reached yesterday between the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission. The new rules improve and strengthen...
eu biomass subsidies

EU biomass subsidies contribute to forest destruction

A new report has found EU subsidies for biomass energy channel nearly €7bn per year into unsustainable and destructive energy sources. US environmental advocacy non-profit...
countryside productivity small grants scheme

Countryside Productivity Small Grants scheme to support UK farmers

The second round of the UK government’s Countryside Productivity Small Grants scheme is set to award £22m (€25.66m) to more than 3,600 farmers. The funding...
forest data transparency

Forest data transparency project aims to meet sustainability goals

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has launched a new project aimed at improving transparency of forest data. The $7.1m (€6.43m) project, to...
circular economy bill

Circular Economy Bill to reduce waste in Scotland

The Scottish government has launched a consultation on its proposals for a Circular Economy Bill to cut waste and drive the reuse of materials. The...
energy generation

Energy generation and the need for fuels

IPG’s ceramic and flameless microturbine combines up to 57% CO2 emission reductions in energy generation, with up to 76% cost reductions. Public understanding of climate...
smart city sustainability

Smart city sustainability opportunities missed, report finds

A new report has identified a widespread lack of smart city policies implementing sustainability and protecting the environment. The Environmental Industries Commission’s (EIC) ‘Strategy to...
woodland carbon guarantee

Woodland Carbon Guarantee to promote tree planting in England

The UK government has launched its Woodland Carbon Guarantee, a new £50m (€57.92m) scheme aimed at promoting tree planting to fight climate change. Under the...
projects of common interest

Projects of Common Interest to promote sustainable, secure energy

The European Commission has adopted its fourth list of Projects of Common Interest for the EU Energy Union. The Projects of Common Interest list, aimed...
co2 electroreduction

CO2 electroreduction: emissions reduction in the energy sector

Even if geological storage is the only option to tackle high levels of carbon emissions, CO2 electroreduction can be part of the solution to...

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