Friday, October 11, 2019

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food safety standards

Food safety standards in an increasingly globalised world

As trade becomes ever more globalised it is important that food safety standards are enforced, says the FSA’s Steve Wearne. Citizens should have reassurance that...
sustainable housing in scotland

Sustainable housing in Scotland: funding released for local strategies

The Scottish government has released £450,000 (€502,467.81) to support local authorities in delivering sustainable housing in Scotland. The funding will go towards supporting pilots of...
roadmap to 2035

Roadmap to 2035 report outlines future of offshore fuel industries

Oil & Gas UK (OGUK), the UK’s offshore oil and gas industry association, has released its Roadmap to 2035 report on the industry’s contribution...
cost effective clean fuels

Cost effective clean fuels: optimising compliance with EU emissions targets

Agility Fuel Solutions offers insight into the best and most cost effective clean fuels as EU targets become stricter. With aggressive new targets for lowering...
natural england survey

Natural England survey shows rising levels of concern over environment

A Natural England survey has revealed that more people than ever before are concerned about threats to the environment. Natural England, the advisory body to...
climate change and agriculture

Climate change and agriculture: report urges action on adaptation

A new report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) cautions of the destructive impact of climate change on agriculture in the EU. The ‘Climate change...
food waste reduction

Food waste reduction: plant-derived fungicide could save millions of tonnes

AgroSustain offers a potential solution to the growing issue of food waste reduction by preventing fungal decay. Food waste reduction is a huge problem across...
cleaner air for scotland

Cleaner Air for Scotland review praises progress on pollution

An independent review of the Cleaner Air for Scotland strategy has praised the country’s progress on emissions reduction. The review found that Scotland’s greenhouse gas...
climate finance innovation

Climate finance innovation: call for ideas launched

The City Finance Lab (CFL), a platform designed to support climate finance innovation, has issued a call for ideas for ‘cutting edge’ urban solutions. The...
pollution pods

Pollution Pods art installation to highlight air quality issues

The World Health Organization (WHO) has invited artist Michael Pinsky to create an installation of ‘Pollution Pods’ to raise awareness of air pollution. Pinsky’s Pollution...

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