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Advertisement for Gazprom © ruben van eijk

EU reliance on Russian gas hits record high

A report from gas company Gazprom shows that the EU has increased its imports from Russia, despite plans to diversify. The state-controlled company announced record...
Theresa May © Arno Mikkor (EU2017EE)

Theresa May announces new plastics strategy

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has announced an environmental plan which will aim to put an end to all avoidable plastic waste within the...
UK MPs propose tax on disposable coffee cups

UK MPs propose coffee cup tax

MPs in the UK have proposed a new tax on disposable coffee cups to improve recycling and reduce waste.

UK government to extend farming subsidies

The UK government plans to extend current farming subsidies until 2024 to allow farmers time to adjust following Brexit.
Seeing green

Seeing green

PEN profiles smart and sustainable strategies in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, which has been named European Green Capital 2018. The European Green Capital award is given...
A new standard

A new standard

Pan European Networks explores the role that the Euroheat & Power network is providing in certifying quality assurance. Euroheat & Power operates as a network...
France to end oil and gas production by 2040

France to end oil and gas production by 2040

France’s parliament has passed legislation requiring all oil and gas exploration and production on French territories to end by 2040. The bill, presented in...
EU agrees clean energy position

EU agrees clean energy position

The European Council has agreed its negotiating position on a regulation establishing the framework for an internal electricity market across the EU. This regulation is...
EU welcomes launch of China’s carbon market

EU welcomes launch of China’s carbon market

China has officially launched its national emissions trading scheme that will focus on the power generation sector before covering seven other sectors, including iron...
Leading logistics

Powering progress

European Commissioner Maroš Šefčovič explains how the European Battery Alliance will establish an innovative value chain in Europe. The European Commission's Industrial Policy Strategy aims...

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