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open loop scrubbers

Open loop scrubbers help ship owners cheat emissions targets

In the face of a 2020 deadline to reduce the air pollution produced by their ships, owners are saving money by installing open loop...
Marine Protected Areas

Marine Protected Areas: why bother?

Government Europa speaks to Jean-Luc Solandt of the Marine Conservation Society about the importance of having well-managed Marine Protected Areas. We live on one planet,...
marine plastic pollution

Marine plastic pollution funding receives boost in Scotland

Zero Waste Scotland has made funds available for investment in solutions to marine plastic pollution. Speaking at the 2018 Scottish Resources Conference Roseanna Cunningham MSP,...
Fishing quotas

Fishing quotas approved by Agriculture and Fisheries Council

The EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council has reached an agreement for fishing quotas in the Baltic Sea in 2019, in the face of criticism from...
Marine energy efficiency

Marine energy efficiency: prioritising the energy audit

The principle of energy efficiency has been around for a long time and is widely deployed - basic energy efficiency awareness can achieve savings...
Maritime bridge technology leaders launch new innovations

Maritime bridge tech leaders launch new innovations

Hatteland Display AS are one of the market leaders in maritime bridge displays. They released their new and improved technology at SMM Hamburg 2018. As...
A Regional Action Plan has been signed today in a bid to better support small-scale fishermen

Regional Action Plan signed in a bid to support small-scale fishermen

A 10-year Regional Action Plan to support small-scale fishermen has been adopted and signed today at the High Level Conference on sustainable small-scale fisheries...
Green Sea Guard: supporting energy transition

Green Sea Guard: supporting energy transition

Green Sea Guard are providing regulators with the possibility of automation for the first time, solving the problem of monitoring compliance in the shipping...
Innovative approaches to navigational safety for vessels

Innovative approaches to navigational safety for vessels

A number of companies are coming together to enhance navigational safety for vessels, providing bridge personnel with a better understanding of their surroundings. Rolls-Royce and...
IMO sulphur cap regulation under discussion at SMM maritime conference

IMO sulphur cap regulation under discussion at SMM maritime conference

At the SMM maritime conference in Hamburg, Germany, stakeholders discussed the challenges of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) sulphur cap regulation. The discussion between shipping...

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