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ras aquaculture

The bacteria which will help RAS aquaculture fulfil its potential

Nova Q sees predictability in water treatment as being of core importance to the future success of RAS aquaculture. In the opening comments to RAS-Tec,...
mediterranean fisheries transparency

Mediterranean fisheries transparency boosted in new package

The United Nations’ (UN) General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean has adopted a package of measures aimed at shoring up transparency and sustainability. The 43rd...
European Maritime and Fisheries Fund: developing a sustainable blue economy

European Maritime and Fisheries Fund: developing a sustainable blue economy

The new, streamlined European Maritime and Fisheries Fund for the period spanning 2021-2027 was introduced in June 2018 to encourage the development of a sustainable...
ocean stewardship fund

Ocean Stewardship Fund to support sustainable fishing

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has increased its Ocean Stewardship Fund, aimed at driving progress on sustainable fishing practices. The Marine Stewardship Council is an...
algae production in aquaculture

Algae production in aquaculture: innovation to reduce costs

LGem’s proprietary GemTube tubular photobioreactors help to cut the costs of algae production in aquaculture. Algae are not new in the aquaculture sector. In fact,...
fishing industry financial aid

Fishing industry financial aid to support Eastern Baltic workers

The European Commission has adopted a proposal to offer financial aid to members of the fishing industry affected by the closure of Eastern Baltic...
fish feed

Fish feed: unique solutions with CFeed

CFeed is a biotech feed company supplying the aquaculture market with a unique feed solution for marine fish fry. Looking at the expected growth in...
water quality parameters

Water quality parameters and data visualisation in aquaculture

Meet Blue Unit, the company with the world’s most advanced automatic data visualisation system to monitor water quality parameters. The monitoring of changes in water...
salmon farming boats flugga boat

Salmon farming boats: Flugga Boats create the perfect drive

Unst Inshore Services Ltd offers strong and seaworthy boats perfect for salmon farming: meet the Flugga Boat. Unst Inshore Services Ltd is a family run...
women in aquaculture

Women in aquaculture to receive Scottish support

Scottish investments totalling £50,000 (€57,884.11) will go towards promoting the increased participation of women in the aquaculture sector. The Scottish government will provide £20,000 of...

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