Monday, July 22, 2019

Maritime & Fisheries News

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eu overfishing progress

EU overfishing progress stalls, to NGOs’ concern

Environmental bodies across the EU have expressed concern over revelations in a new report that the EU may not meet its overfishing targets by...
greener ship recycling

Greener ship recycling aids workers, environment

The drive for greener ship recycling across Europe, as well as the drive to cultivate safer working conditions for labourers at these yards, has...
maritime law enforcement

Maritime law enforcement to test fish DNA

Conducting DNA analysis on fish may help fishery authorities to enforce EU regulations on sustainability and overfishing, new research suggests. The study, conducted by scientists...
iceland whaling letter

Iceland whaling letter denounces climate impact

Environmental campaigners in Iceland have co-signed an open letter to the Alþingi, the Icelandic parliament, condemning lax laws on whale hunting. The letter, signed by...
european port connectivity

European port connectivity: increased funding recommended

The European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) has lent its support to the European Parliament’s call for increased transport funding under the Connecting Europe Facility...
sustainable aquaculture

Sustainable aquaculture: the solution to food procurement?

In the face of plastic pollution, global warming and overfishing, can sustainable aquaculture offer a solution to our procurement needs? Aquaculture production, the rearing and...
sustainable recreational fishing reform

Sustainable recreational fishing reform urged

A new report has laid out five priorities to bring legislation on recreational fishing in line with conservation guidelines for industrial fisheries. Around 220 million...
how shipping affects biodiversity

How shipping affects biodiversity

A new study suggests rising levels of maritime traffic could affect the biodiversity of oceans and lead to a rise in invasive and pestiferous...
ocean plastic monitoring

Ocean plastic monitoring guidelines released

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has overseen the publication of new guidelines on monitoring plastic levels in the ocean. The guidelines, compiled by IMO-sponsored United...
clean maritime fuel

Clean maritime fuel: Carnival shifts to greener oil

Cruise ship giant Carnival has announced its vessels traversing the Arctic have made the transition from heavy fuel oil to the cleaner low sulphur...

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