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aquaculture in europe

Aquaculture in Europe: an economic overview

Aquaculture in Europe has a huge potential for growth as a relatively young industry, say economists Jordi Guillen and Natacha Carvalho. Global aquaculture production (including...
marine technology funding

Marine technology funding: EU offers millions to support innovation

The EU has made millions of euros available in marine technology funding grants to support research and innovation. The marine technology funding, issued under Horizon...
cyprus-ireland blue growth initiative

Cyprus-Ireland Blue Growth Initiative takes its first steps

Despite distance, Cyprus and Ireland can work together to exchange knowledge and information to help drive their blue growth initiative. The blue economy is becoming...
hydrogen-powered tug

Hydrogen-powered tug to debut in Port of Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp has placed an order for the world’s first hydrogen-powered tug as the next step in its transition to becoming fully...
pneumatically stabilized platform

Pneumatically Stabilized Platform can help in unprotected waters

Pneumatically Stabilized Platform (PSP) is a marine technology specifically designed as a very large floating platform located in unprotected ocean waters. Float Inc. has come...
biofuels in shipping

Biofuels in shipping could reduce maritime emissions

The Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) held a debate yesterday at New York’s Climate Change Week on the potential for use of biofuels in shipping. With...
maritime careers

Maritime careers programme to support women into sector

The UK government has launched a series of programmes promoting maritime careers to young people, with particular focus on encouraging women into the sector. The...
brexit and ports

Brexit and ports: a potential game changer

The Chief Executive of the British Ports Association calls for the UK to provide pro-investment transport strategies after Brexit. Since the UK’s referendum on EU...
maritime sustainability

Maritime sustainability initiatives must increase to meet targets

Industry professionals have called for increased action to ensure maritime sustainability as stricter emissions rules approach. In 2020 the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) new restrictions...
revised energy taxation directive

Revised Energy Taxation Directive: maritime industry weighs in

A consortium of European maritime industry bodies has issued an opinion on the European Commission’s proposals for a revised Energy Taxation Directive. The European Community...

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