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money laundering and terrorist financing

Money laundering and terrorist financing: new agreement to boost security

The European Parliament and Council have agreed on a proposal which will improve the ability of law enforcement to access financial information across Member...
EU civil defence capabilities

EU civil defence capabilities to be strengthened

The European Parliament has agreed to boost the EU’s civil defence mechanisms to enable Member States to respond promptly to natural and manmade disasters. The...
International Safety Awards 2019

International Safety Awards 2019: winners announced

The British Safety Council has announced the winners of its annual International Safety Awards, celebrating organisations’ dedication to worker safety. Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of...
European Border and Coast Guard

European Border and Coast Guard to be strengthened

The EU’s Civil Liberties Committee has approved plans to boost the power of the European Border and Coast Guard to deal with security challenges...
Clean Air Strategy

Clean Air Strategy: UK to combat air pollution

The UK government has devised a Clean Air Strategy to reduce the impact of air pollution on the health of the public. Air pollution represents...
deforestation linked to inequality

Deforestation linked to inequality, study finds

A new study has shown that increased social and economic inequality has a tangible impact on deforestation. The study, conducted through the University of Bern’s...
Cambodia trade preferences

Cambodia trade preferences to be suspended

The EU has begun the process to suspend the preferential trade arrangements accorded to Cambodia after finding systematic human rights violations. In the wake of...
fast fashion waste

Fast fashion waste: a circular approach to textiles

In the wake of criticism by MPs over the social and environmental impact of “fast fashion”, UK retail brands are searching for solutions to...
Sweden, UK and Ireland overfishing

Overfishing: Sweden, UK and Ireland top offenders

The UK and Ireland have ranked second and third on this year’s Landing the Blame report, which measures overfishing in the EU. The report, compiled...
rainforest monitoring systems

Rainforest monitoring systems to combat deforestation

Multinational companies which rely on palm oil are investing in satellite technology to monitor deforestation in at-risk areas. By remotely monitoring the destruction of swathes...

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