Thursday, October 10, 2019
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environmental principles and governance

Environmental Principles and Governance survey shows Brexit concerns

A Scottish consultation on environmental principles and governance has raised concerns about the impact of Brexit on environmental standards in the UK. A majority of...

RoadAI in action: collecting data, improving road maintenance efficiency

Disruptive technologies like RoadAI can reduce manual labour tasks and make data collection more efficient and accurate. Disruptive technologies present opportunities to make laborious manual...
marine technology funding

Marine technology funding: EU offers millions to support innovation

The EU has made millions of euros available in marine technology funding grants to support research and innovation. The marine technology funding, issued under Horizon...
border checks and brexit gordian knot

Borders, checks and Brexit: a Gordian knot around the EU Customs Union?

Tony Smith CBE, former Head of UK Border Force and expert panellist to the UK Parliamentary Commission for Alternative Arrangements to the Irish Border,...
uog development

UOG development ‘incompatible’ with Scotland’s climate change policy

The Scottish government has announced it will categorically not support unconventional oil and gas (UOG) development, including fracking, in Scotland. The government’s position has been...
value of a human life

Value of a human life calculation is flawed, paper says

A new paper suggests that the UK government’s current methodology for determining the value of a human life is flawed. The paper, titled ‘Minimum sample...
connecting europe facility

Connecting Europe Facility 2021 – 2027: an overview

The Connecting Europe Facility will have benefits for both the economy and for the social inclusion of European citizens, says Herald Ruijters. The Multiannual Financial...
open innovation

Open innovation, digital inclusion explored at European Development Days

Digital innovation needs to be open in order have a social impact that can drive growth in developing countries. Can open innovation be an answer...
ev charging partnership

EV charging partnership to facilitate chargepoint use

Smart electric vehicle (EV) charging providers across Europe have formed an EV charging partnership to facilitate the consumer experience. The EV charging partnership was initiated...

Smart city study shows benefits of technology investment

A new study has found smart city initiatives provide significant economic and social benefits for residents and municipal authorities. The ‘Building a Hyperconnected City’ smart...

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