Friday, July 19, 2019

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dual food quality

Dual food quality: tests find products differ between Member States

A food testing campaign conducted by the European Commission has found a number of identically branded foods differ in composition and quality between Member...
5g ambulance

5G ambulance capabilities demonstrated in West Midlands testbed

The UK’s West Midlands 5G testbed (WM5G) has conducted its first demonstration of ambulances equipped with 5G connectivity. WM5G, established jointly by the West Midlands...
building trust in smart cities

Building trust in smart cities: thinking beyond cybersecurity and privacy

The digital era of advanced technology and the internet has brought about an important initiative: building smart cities which use technology to make things...

International Women in Engineering Day: short film showcases talent

HS2 Ltd has released a short film challenging preconceptions of what an engineer should look like to mark International Women in Engineering Day. Commemorating International...
eu child poverty audit

EU child poverty audit to analyse Commission support initiatives

The European Court of Auditors is conducting an audit of the EU’s deployment of policy and funding to combat child poverty in Member States. Poverty...
smart city challenge 2019

Smart City Challenge 2019 winners announced

Utility technology firm Itron has announced the winners of its inaugural Smart City Challenge, celebrating innovative developments in city management. The challenge, which saw competitors...
2019 innovation scoreboard

2019 Innovation Scoreboard shows strong EU progress

The European Commission has published its 2019 Innovation Scoreboard, ranking innovative progress in EU Member States. The scoreboard, which gauges EU performance on innovation in...
barriers to international trade

Barriers to international trade detailed in new report

The European Commission has released its latest Trade and Investment Barriers Report (TIBR), laying out barriers to international trade across the EU. The report identifies...
online business transparency

Online business transparency boosted by new EU rules

The Council of the EU has adopted new rules obliging businesses to commit to a degree of transparency when operating online. With around 60% of...
blockchain and ai

Blockchain and AI in the EU to benefit from publicly available data

The Council of the EU has adopted new rules facilitating the use of public sector data in blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects. The updated...

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