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Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation

Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation to shape UK AI industry

The world’s first Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, an advisory body dedicated to strengthening and improving the UK’s use of data and artificial...
social security for mobile workers

Social security for mobile workers protected by new rules

The Employment and Social Affairs Committee (EMPL) has adopted new rules to protect social security for mobile workers. The rules, which were approved by EMPL...
EU whistleblower protection

EU whistleblower protection boosted by MEPs

The EU Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) has approved EU whistleblower protection measures to shore up the rights of whistleblowers across the union. MEPs on...
2019 EU budget

2019 EU budget: no agreement reached

The European Parliament and European Council have acknowledged they were unable to reach a final deal on the 2019 EU budget by the end...
EU Human Rights Week

EU Human Rights Week commemorates Universal Declaration anniversary

The European Parliament will host its first EU Human Rights Week this week to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human...
smart city data protection

Smart city data protection under GDPR

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is bringing smart city data protection flaws into the spotlight. As cities become “smarter” they retain more and more...
artificial intelligence industry

Artificial intelligence industry in Germany to receive €3 billion

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has presented her strategy to bring Germany to the forefront of the global artificial intelligence industry. Merkel’s plan, presented to the...
Theresa May's Brexit deal

Theresa May’s Brexit deal leaves everyone very unhappy

After reluctantly nominally agreeing to the terms of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal in a five-hour meeting last night, UK cabinet ministers and...
Romanian judicial reform

Romanian judicial reform “deeply concerns” Europarl

The European Parliament has declared it is “deeply concerned” by Romanian judicial reform and amendments made to its criminal law procedures. A resolution put forward...
Paris Peace Forum

Paris Peace Forum: 50 countries agree to fight cybercrime

50 countries and more than 150 technology companies attending the Paris Peace Forum have signed an agreement to work together to prevent cybercrime. The document,...

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