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EU Data Protection Day 2019

Data Protection Day 2019: Council launches AI guidelines

Today marks the EU’s 13th annual Data Protection Day, a day devoted to raising awareness of the rights and obligations of citizens and businesses...
EU work-life balance

EU work-life balance: provisional agreement reached

The European Parliament and Council reached a provisional agreement yesterday on the European Commission’s proposals to improve work-life balance in the EU. The agreement, which...
Japan adequacy plan

Japan adequacy plan to boost EU-Japan data flow

The European Commission yesterday adopted its adequacy plan on Japan, allowing the free, secure flow of personal data between the two economies. The procedure of...
public sector data sharing

Public sector data sharing directive approved

Negotiators from the European Council, Commission and Parliament have reached an agreement to facilitate public sector data sharing and availability. The Directive on Open Data...
international ePrescriptions

International ePrescriptions now available

The EU’s first international ePrescriptions are now obtainable: from today, Finnish patients will be able to collect digital prescriptions from Estonian pharmacies. The initiative, which...
European healthcare developments

European healthcare developments: Finnish firm to receive €20 million

Helsinki-based healthcare innovator Nightingale Health will receive a €20 million loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to support European healthcare developments. The loan to...
EU support for Côte d’Ivoire

EU support for Côte d’Ivoire to increase

The European Commission has pledged an additional €35 million in EU support for Côte d’Ivoire, to be allocated to reforms, vocational training and economic...
NewBanking Identity global consent data management

NewBanking Identity global consent data management to protect privacy

NewBanking Identity is a global consent data management platform which allows people to retain ownership of data, but still provides them with the ability...
trailblazing women

Trailblazing women: Commissioner launches exhibition

European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel has launched an online exhibition series featuring trailblazing women in the arts and science. The “Pioneers: Trailblazing women in the arts,...
EU-US trade talks

EU-US trade talks: new positions adopted

The European Commission has adopted proposals today to implement directives resulting from last year’s EU-US trade talks. The positions cover conformity assessment and the elimination...

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