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silent electric cars

Silent electric cars: acoustic alerts needed for road safety

Electric vehicles operate almost inaudibly and are a danger to vulnerable road users. Benedikt van den Boom, campaign lead for the European Blind Union,...

Gilets jaunes violence continues; crisis talks begin

After another weekend of gilets jaunes violence across France, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe is holding crisis talks today with leaders of France’s major political...
smart transportation infrastructures

Smart transportation infrastructures and the future

José F. Papí, president of the Smart Transportation Alliance explains how smart mobility is impossible without smart transportation infrastructures. The smart transportation infrastructures of the...
Operation Vision Zero

Operation Vision Zero catches 4,758 traffic offences in two weeks

In an enhanced two week enforcement programme codenamed Operation Vision Zero, UK police caught 4,758 traffic offenders in London. The Operation Vision Zero scheme, implemented...
gilets jaunes marches

Gilets jaunes marches: Macron to respond

106,000 demonstrators across France took part in Saturday’s gilets jaunes marches, protesting president Emmanuel Macron’s fuel tax rises. Participants in the gilets jaunes marches had...
Connecting Europe Facility

Connecting Europe Facility renewed until 2027

MEPs have voted to renew the Connecting Europe Facility, which oversees development of transport, energy and telecommunications networks. The European Committees for Industry, Research and...
gilets jaunes movement

Gilets jaunes movement: French nurses to join protests

A union of French nurses has announced its support for the ongoing gilets jaunes movement. Many of France’s 660,000 nurses will join the blockades spanning...

Acquetico traffic camera catches 58,568 in two weeks

A traffic camera trial in the small Italian town of Acquetico has caught more than 58,000 drivers speeding through the town in two weeks. The...
gilets jaunes protest

Gilets jaunes protest likely to continue

Nearly 300,000 French protesters participated in the gilets jaunes protest, a series of blockades and demonstrations against a rise in fuel taxes, over the...
workplace charging scheme

Workplace Charging Scheme sparks UK interest

The UK government’s Workplace Charging Scheme provides incentives to businesses, charities and public sector organisations for encouraging uptake of electric vehicles. Eligible businesses – private...

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