Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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Government Europa brings you the latest Transport News from across the field of European Government Policy.

Clean air retrofit

Clean air retrofit for UK vehicles

The UK government has pledged nearly £1 million in support for vehicle retrofit technologies to reduce harmful emissions. Three technology producers – Eminox, Proventia and...
European bridge safety and German bridge monitoring

European bridge maintenance: monitoring safety in Germany

Government Europa speaks to Jürgen Krieger at BASt about the safety of Europe’s bridges, analysing specifically how Germany monitors the safety of its structures. On...
bike share AI in latin america

Bike share AI in Latin America to be deployed

Tembici, Latin America’s leading bike share provider, has partnered with mobility AI leader Stage Intelligence to deploy AI optimisation across bike shares in Argentina,...
aerodynamic lorry cabs

Aerodynamic lorry cabs to reduce fuel consumption

The Permanent Representatives Committee of the EU Council is fast-tracking the introduction of longer, more aerodynamic lorry cabs to improve fuel consumption and road...
European Aviation Environmental Report

European Aviation Environmental Report 2019 released

The second annual European Aviation Environmental Report has been released by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The report was compiled in partnership with...
welfare of transported animals

Welfare of transported animals must improve

The Agriculture Committee has urged the EU to enforce rules protecting the welfare of transported animals and penalise offenders. MEPs on the committee repeated the...
protection for road accident victims

Protection for road accident victims under new rules

The Internal Market Committee of the European Commission has agreed to amend rules governing motor insurance to better protect victims of road accidents. The proposed...
train weighing

Train weighing: the only weigh to be sure

TrainWeigh explain their innovative train weighing solution for damage protection to infrastructures and bridges. Weighbridge Services Ltd’s TrainWeigh department, based in Sheffield, UK, manufacture and...
UK government policy on electric vehicles

UK government policy on electric vehicles criticised

The UK’s Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy committee (BEIS) has chastised the government for its response to a 2018 report critical of UK government...
off-grid EV charging

Off-grid EV charging: the future of electric transport

As public transport powered by electricity gains traction in an increasingly post-fossil fuel world, the impact of large electric vehicle (EV) fleets on the...

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