Thursday, October 10, 2019

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peer to peer car sharing

Peer to peer car sharing: making London greener?

UK peer to peer car sharing platform hiyacar explores the potential of shared mobility to reduce urban emissions. Can you imagine a future where nobody...
electric buses

Electric buses: adoption set to triple by 2025, report says

Adoption of electric buses will triple worldwide by 2025, meaning just under half the world’s buses will be powered by electricity, a new report...
mobility in finland

Mobility in Finland: on-demand pilot launches in Espoo

A pilot programme in Espoo will offer on-demand first- and last-mile transport after winning a competition for innovation of mobility in Finland. Helsinki Regional Transport...
battery consortium

Battery consortium to boost German EV production

The German economic ministry has indicated EU Member States are in discussions over the potential formation of a second electric vehicle (EV) battery consortium. The...
connected autonomous vehicles

Connected autonomous vehicles: cybersecurity innovations tested

The Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) at the University of Warwick has conducted a series of tests analysing the cybersecurity of connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs). WMG...
carbon neutral rail

Carbon neutral rail: fuel cell study highlights travel of the future

A new study has been launched to investigate the potential of fuel cells and hydrogen in the implementation of carbon neutral rail travel. The study,...
smart motorway training

Smart motorway training course to boost road safety

Highways England has partnered with the Network Training Partnership (NTP) to develop a smart motorway training course for roadside recovery staff. The ‘Smart Motorways Awareness...
immersion cooling

Immersion cooling: the key to solving EV range anxiety

A new immersion cooling fluid design by a UK firm could unlock the potential of the electric vehicle (EV) market by targeting thermal management. M&I...
sustainable innovation

Sustainable innovation investment to double UK EV charging capability

The UK government has announced investments totalling more than £500m (€559.13m) in sustainable innovation and electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. The government has launched a £400m...
electric delivery vans

Electric delivery vans to be deployed in Boots UK pilot

Pharmacy chain Boots has added five electric delivery vans to its UK fleet in a pilot scheme which is anticipated to extend across the...

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