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The Bomb Disposal Charity for the entire EOD & Search community...

Felix Fund – the bomb disposal charity is here to help any military from across all three services or SO15 (Metropolitan Police Counter Terror...

The three pillars of university pathology

Pathology as a branch of medicine is considered the ‘doctrine of diseases’. University pathology has three pillars and fulfils important tasks in healthcare, teaching and research. Healthcare In healthcare, modern pathology has a pilot function for...

Feeding the city. Building the future

Plantagon International AB is a world-leading pioneer within the field of food security and corporate social responsibility (CSR) – combining urban agriculture, innovative technical...

Pioneers of digital forest management and big data

There exist more than 16 million private forest owners within Europe. MHG Systems is a pioneer in offering full digital services from forest management...

Wood protection with Nature-based solutions

Sioo Wood Protection AB are developers and suppliers of wood protection products using silicon technology. The SiOO:X system is an environmentally friendly water-based method of...

A fossil-free Norway

Greenstat AS’s mission is to develop and operate projects related to sustainable energy and technology, as well as projects supporting the transition from fossil...

Aiming for low-carbon buildings in Europe’s cities

CENERGIA (a part of Kuben Management) was created in 1982 as an energy specialist company based on experiences from work on low energy building and solar energy at the Technical University of Denmark

Ethical battery recycling

Founded in 2014, our company's name is a tribute to the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who often looked to Nature for guidance and inspiration.

Leading the field in sustainable heating solutions

By providing the market with intelligent energy systems, NODA’s vision is to take a leading role in designing the new sustainable smart energy landscape.

Mechanical engineering teaches students how to change the world

Dr Simon Blakey is a senior lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield, UK, and director of the Low Carbon Combustion Centre.

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