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The Government Europa Quarterly digital publication brings together the leading developments and commentaries from across the political spectrum, whether at the local, regional, national, continental or global level. With the European Union facing crisis from all angles, the actions of government remain the cornerstone by which the union’s ideals of truth, justice and peace are met and promoted throughout the world.

government europa quarterly 29

Government Europa Quarterly 29

Government Europa Quarterly 29 focuses on developments in policy, technology and environmental initiatives. With the EU elections now three weeks away and Brexit now almost...

Government Europa Quarterly 28

Government Europa Quarterly 28 covers EU commercialisation, the blue economy and the increasing prevalence of and need for smart security solutions. With the environmental dangers...
Government Europa Quarterly Issue 27

Government Europa Quarterly Issue 27

Government Europa Quarterly 27 examines issues related to crisis management, cybersecurity and border control; as well as discussing climate and transport solutions in a world...
Government Europa Quarterly explores the need to respond to evolving cyber threats

Government Europa Quarterly Issue 26

In this 26th edition of Government Europa Quarterly, the need for technology to respond to evolving cyber threats in the wake of ongoing campaigns...
Gov 25 - Innovation revelation and digital solutions

Government Europa Quarterly Issue 25

Issue 25 of Government Europa Quarterly focuses on the role of technology and digital innovation in transforming the way that public services are offered,...
Government Europa Quarterly Issue 24

Government Europa Quarterly Issue 24

This edition of Government Europa Quarterly (GEQ) takes a special focus on culture in light of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, features...

Government Issue 23

Issue 23 of Government highlights the digital ambitions of Estonia’s Presidency of the Council of Europe, efforts to protect vulnerable members of society, the...

Government Issue 22

In issue 22 of Government, the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and the rising tide of far-right Euroscepticism allow for much reflection...

Government Issue 21

The latest issue of Government highlights efforts to improve gender equality in Europe, and the positive impact that better gender equality could have on...

Government Issue 20

Issue 20 of Government tackles the political efforts being made to alleviate the migrant crisis, including measures to address integration and the need for...

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