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Government Issue 12

Issue 12 of Government offers a preview of the incoming cabinet of new European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. With his administration adopting a new...

Government Issue 11

Issue 11 of Government finds Europe on the brink of major changes, and embroiled in controversy over the nomination of Luxembourg’s Jean-Claude Juncker to...

Government Issue 10

Issue 10 of Government arrives at an important time for the European Union, with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine bringing to light a number...

Government Issue 9

Ahead of elections in May 2014, issue 9 of Government offers an insight into the priorities of several European Commissioners, on topics ranging from...

Government Issue 8

Issue 8 of Government devotes attention to Europe’s increasingly unclear place in the world. Euroscepticism mounts in response to a number of social problems ahead...

Government Issue 7

Issue 7 of Government welcomes Croatia’s accession to the European Union as its 28th member state. This development could lead to moves towards accession by...
Government 6, a vision for European unity

Government Issue 6

Issue 6 of Government turns its focus inward, to highlight recent European policy changes. These include the ramping up of EU efforts to become a...

Government Issue 5

Issue 5 of Government looks at the growing divisions between member states, as a number of senior member state leaders discuss the possibility of...
How do national efforts support the European agenda?

Government Issue 4

Issue 4 of Government examines the EU’s Budget, and how EU funding is allocated to support regional and national efforts. These specialised national projects...
Europe as a supporter of international development and human rights

Government Issue 3

Issue 3 of Government offers a focus on Europe’s role as a humanitarian aid and development superpower, with a number of European officials contributing...

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