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Aiming for low-carbon buildings in Europe’s cities

CENERGIA (a part of Kuben Management) was created in 1982 as an energy specialist company based on experiences from work on low energy building and solar energy at the Technical University of Denmark.

Since then, a large number of solar, low energy new build and retrofit building schemes have been realised, in many cases as either EU or Danish-funded demonstration projects

The Nordic Built ‘Active Roofs and Facades’ project is supported by Nordic Innovation, allowing for strong development of leading Nordic competences in the area of building renovation. CENERGIA achieves this by creating transnational public private partnership models to support the development towards nearly zero-energy building solutions and associated performance documentation, which is required in the EU building directive.

The proposed co-operation with the building industry on developing models and the demonstration of ‘Active House’-based sustainable renovation will create a strong Nordic alliance.

The project runs from 2014 to 2017 and will involve companies which are represented in the Nordic countries and companies from the international Active House Alliance.


CENERGIA’s core competencies include:

  • Energy, heat (reduction of transmission losses, including documentation);
  • Energy, electricity (lighting, refrigerator/freezer, sink appliances, including documentation);
  • Solar energy (active and passive solar heating and photovoltaic, including building integration);
  • Heating systems for low energy buildings, low temperature heating;
  • Heat recovery ventilation;
  • Active House principles;
  • Building renovation; and
  • Plus energy buildings.

CENERGIA is active in the research of:

  • Sustainable materials;
  • Product and material evaluation lifecycle assessment;
  • DGNB certification;
  • Resident involvement;
  • District heating solutions;
  • Treatment of wastewater;
  • Water savings;
  • Rainwater harvesting;
  • Smart cities development;
  • ICT solutions, intelligent buildings;
  • Smart grid solutions; and
  • Energy service companies (ESCO).

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