Child identity protection online: strengthening digital verification

child identity protection
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Children’s online privacy firm Privacy Vaults Online, Inc. (PRIVO) has announced it has acquired the UK-based online identity verification company Riyo Verified.

PRIVO, the world leader in ensuring child identity protection and data privacy online, is a subject matter expert in protecting children’s data in line with the US Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA); as well as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Denise G. Tayloe, co-founder and CEO of PRIVO, said: “With more pressure for companies to introduce strict age checks, web giants will have to confirm they know the age or role of their users who create accounts. By integrating Riyo’s verification methods to PRIVO’s customer identity and consent management platform, we can better address our customers’ needs to offer multiple international verification methods to obtain child and parental consent which is needed under the GDPR and COPPA.”

Riyo Verified’s child identity protection solutions include an app which allows a smartphone or webcam to instantly scan identity documents, providing immediate verification of a user’s age. By combining technology developed by Riyo with PRIVO’s existing platforms, programmes and market expertise, the two businesses hope to integrate verifiable consent and identity checks into the digital ecosystem.

Tom Strange, founder of Riyo Verified, said: “I truly believe we’re at a turning point where consumers want a higher integrity Internet designed around trust, safety, and value. PRIVO offers an ecosystem of technology and services built around credible online identity. It’s positioned perfectly to power the services, platforms, and applications that want to create economic value by doing right by their customers. On that basis, it was the right buyer for Riyo Verified. The Riyo acquisition reflects PRIVO’s commitment to innovating in ways its audience values. Riyo negotiated a 4-0 vote of approval with the US Federal Trade Commission to use its computer vision-based facial recognition solution to the market for COPPA compliance.”


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