Circular Economy Week launches in London

Circular Economy Week launches in London

The UK’s first ever Circular Economy Week has launched today (18 June) in London, and aims to drive resource efficiency throughout a product’s lifespan.

Circular Economy Week will be led by the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB), and aims to build a strong community of businesses and organisations working towards a more resilient and resource-efficient economy through new approaches to product design, manufacturing and services.

The LWARB currently operates the Circular London initiative, which aims to engage with stakeholders from across the value chain to reinforce circular economy business practices and deliver targeted investment.

What does LWARB hope to achieve with Circular Economy Week?

The inaugural Circular Economy Week follows the publication of a circular economy roadmap by Circular London last year, and aims to gather stakeholders to collaborate on innovative solutions, with a view to delivering strong progress towards making the circular economy a reality in the UK.

The week opened today with a day-long event on collaborative action, seeking to showcase some of the businesses already employing innovative circular economy approaches in London, and to help stakeholders to forge connections and work together to power deeper innovation towards the aim of a fully circular economy.

Other events over the week will include panel discussions on sustainable lifestyle choices, expert talks on circular approaches to the construction industry, and workshops facilitating collaboration between waste management companies and SMEs developing new materials.

How have the organisers described the event?

Wayne Hubbard, chief executive of the LWARB, told CIWM Journal that the event would offer an opportunity to celebrate efforts that are already underway in London, and drive further development in this area by uniting stakeholders from relevant sectors. Ultimately, London hopes to become a world-leading city in delivering the circular economy.

Hubbard said: “Collaboration is vital if we want London to be the global leader in the delivery of circular economy, sharing learning and good practice with other cities around the world. We’re calling on organisations of all shapes and sizes to get involved to help us achieve this.”


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