Climate Action Week to be held in London

climate action week
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London’s inaugural Climate Action Week, aimed at exploring solutions to climate change reduction, will take place between 1 July and 8 July.

Featuring hundreds of events and activities with an environmental focus, Climate Action Week will bring together climate experts and representatives of businesses, NGOs and the cultural sector; in order to share resources and formulate actions to reduce climate change on municipal, national and global levels. Events will focus on encouraging community action and business leadership on climate matters; facilitating wider adoption of clean energy options and low emission transport; and promoting investment in climate initiatives.

Events set to take place during Climate Action Week include:

  • A Green Finance Summit hosted by the City of London, where representatives of 900 businesses will explore ways of boosting sustainability in the finance sector;
  • A Climate Risk Summit overseen by the Economist, to be attended by policymakers, scientists, investors and business leaders;
  • A discussion at the Tate Modern, led by sculptor Olafur Eliasson, covering ways artists and other arts professionals can work together to promote sustainability; and
  • Creative Green Awards, recognising and rewarding awareness and action on climate change by creative professionals and commercial entities.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has declared a climate emergency in London and committed the city to work towards achieving zero carbon emissions in order to help keep the global temperature increase at or below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Khan said: “I’m proud to introduce London’s first Climate Action Week bringing together people of all ages with business, cultural and political leaders to highlight our climate crisis and discuss solutions to it. I’m doing everything in my power to address the climate emergency we are facing and help London achieve our zero carbon goals rapidly. London is already leading the way in green finance and innovation and I’ve ensured London was one of the first global cities to publish a 1.5 degree-compatible plan and put us on a pathway to zero carbon, but I want much more to happen, much faster. I hope our Climate Action Week will help lobby Government to step up and take real action on the climate crisis.”


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