Climeworks direct air capture to partner with Coca-Cola

climeworks direct air capture
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Climeworks will partner with Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland, the Swiss bottling subsidiary of Coca-Cola, to introduce Climeworks direct air capture into its beverages.

The Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland and Climeworks direct air capture collaboration will result in the world’s first beverage containing air-captured CO2.

How does the beverage industry impact climate targets?

Climeworks views the beverage industry as a crucial opportunity to scale up the direct air capture technology which is relevant to achieving climate targets.

This is because the beverage industry is one of the world’s largest users of CO2 feedstocks. The industry is currently using 10 million tons of CO2 per year. This makes it an attractive pioneer market to commercialise Climeworks Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology.

Climeworks direct air capture

Drink carbonation may be the commercial platform which will lead Climeworks to bring DAC to the market on an industrial scale. Climeworks believes this will bridge the gap between today’s first commercial installations and the required production for gigaton applications such as renewable fuel production and large-scale Carbon Dioxide Removal.

CO2 generated by Climeworks direct air capture technology is sold in the food, beverage, agriculture, and renewable fuels markets. Another service offered by Climeworks is called Emissions Reversal, which enables the realisation of a customer’s climate goals by storing air-captured CO2 underground in a safe and efficient manner.

The co-founder and director of Climeworks, Jan Wurzbacher, said: “By entering the beverage market with Coca-Cola HBC as a global key player, we are continuing our path of commercializing our DAC technology, which began with the world’s first commercial plant in May 2017.”

Discussing the co-operation with Coca-Cola HBC, the Climeworks co-founder and CEO Christoph Gebald commented: “We are very happy to be entering the beverage market together with Coca-Cola HBC. During the last years, Coca-Cola HBC has been an exceptionally supportive partner and invaluable in moving the application of Climeworks direct air capture in the beverage industry forward – something we are very thankful for.”


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