UK names three universities cybersecurity research centres of excellence

academic centres of excellence in cybersecurity research
Cardiff University, Wales © Jeremy Segrott

Three universities in the UK have been recognised as academic centres of excellence in cybersecurity research, bringing the total to 17.

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council have recognised the University of Kent, King’s College London and Cardiff University as academic centres of excellence in cybersecurity research because of their contributions to developing digital skills.

The two bodies have now recognised 17 universities across the UK as capable of carrying out first-rate research into cybersecurity as part of the country’s national strategy, which aims to utilise the expertise of each of these research institutions to secure the country’s digital economy.

How will the universities benefit from being names centres of excellence?

With the new designation, the universities in question will be able to bid for funding to undertake cutting-edge research in cyber security, and researchers will also be invited to annual conferences and workshops. Researchers will develop tools to tackle a variety of cybersecurity challenges, including online fraud and ransomware.

The aim of the scheme is to expand the UK’s cybersecurity capabilities, and offer a platform for partnerships between academia, business and government, to facilitate greater collaboration and allow stakeholders to take the greatest possible advantage of innovative developments that result from the research.

What has the government said about the universities that have been recognised?

Minister for Digital Margot James welcomed the opportunity to recognise excellent research being undertaken in digital security by the institutions that have been awarded the academic centre of excellence in cybersecurity research designation.

She said: “These universities are doing fantastic research in cyber security and they are rightly being recognised for their pioneering work. We have some of the best minds in the world working in the field and thanks to this scheme they can now help shape our national cyber security strategy and develop the talent and services of tomorrow.”


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