Defence Management Review Issue 2

As technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, threats to cybersecurity are becoming ever more prominent. This publication covers how European nations and their militaries are seeing it as the new frontier for defence.

Defence Management Review – Issue 2, is introduced by Tanguy de Wilde, Professor of International Relations at the Universite catholique de Louvain, who outlines European defence and how the EU can effectively prepare for various attacks which could take place across the region – on its people, its infrastructure or its cybersecurity.

What is the current state of defence strategy?

  • Margus Tsahkna, the minister of defence for Estonia, explains why EU defence needs more investment, following the aftermath of the economic crisis; and
  • President of the European Organisation of Military Association (EUROMIL) Emmanuel Jacob discusses his view on defence policy and the working conditions of Europe’s forces.

What is the military perspective?

  • Peter Round of the European Defence Agency discusses the role of drones and the Single European Sky initiative on military aviation;
  • Following 9/11, the way in which the military thought about air defence changed dramatically. First Lt Mate Gajdos, instructor of Hungary’s Institute of Military Aviation, discusses radar technology and training in aviation;
  • Dr Prakash Chandra Patnaik of the National Research Council of Canada explains the challenges and achievements of research for the Royal Canadian Air Force;
  • Poland’s Ministry of National Defence outlines the country’s priorities and details its relationship with NATO; and
  • Julie Bickerdyke, managing director of Austin Hayes Ltd, discusses the lifecycle of products in the circular economy, the potential savings offered by refurbishing equipment and why recycling in the defence sector is important for the future of the planet.

Where do we stand with cybersecurity?

  • CEO of the European Organisation or Security, Luigi Rebuffi, outlines the main challenges in the cybersecurity arena; and
  • Koen Gijsbers, general manager of NATO’s Communications and Information Agency, explains the growing ubiquity and importance of cybersecurity as it becomes a major worldwide issue.

What is the situation with counter-terrorism?

  • Didier Boyenval of the European Observatory for Non-Discrimination and Fundamental Rights (EONDFR), assesses how EU member states are strengthening counter-terrorism measures whilst avoiding discrimination; and
  • Roberta Bonazzi, head of the Counter Extremism Project (CEP) Europe and founder of the European Foundation for Democracy, explains the stakes involved in deradicalisation.