Atos ‘Digital Vision for Scotland’ outlines the country’s digital future

Atos ‘Digital Vision for Scotland’ outlines the country’s digital future
Glasgow City Chambers © Michael D Beckwith

Atos has launched a new paper outlining its Digital Vision for Scotland, which identifies technology sectors in which the country is excelling and suggests areas for investment.

The Digital Vision for Scotland paper highlights the ways in which digitalisation is impact Scottish businesses, and the growing role of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, the Internet of Things, and advances in quantum computing.

The paper was launched at an event at the Glasgow City Chambers yesterday, and covers a number of topical themes relevant to the digital future of Scotland, including:

  • Cloud-based cybersecurity;
  • The impact of IoT in Scotland’s utilities sector;
  • The effect of NHS Scotland’s digitisation on health and wellbeing;
  • Digital policing; and
  • Ways to accelerate the digital revolution and allow Scotland to become a world leader in digital technologies.

Scottish business sector experts contributed to the preparation of the paper, to discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with the digital transformation of the private sector, as well as the need to engage young people in the process digitising Scotland.

What have stakeholders said about the Digital Vision for Scotland?

Gavin Thomson, a senior vice president at Atos, emphasised the role that digital is currently playing in Scotland, and how it is set to develop. He said: “Scotland is responding to the demands of digital change through world-class innovation and digital leadership. There is a breadth of talent and research in the rich tech ecosystem, supported by the Scottish Government and its Digital Strategy.”

To support this development, he added, a new focus on providing citizens with digital skills will be vital. Thomson explained: “There is now a need to develop the workforce and to build digital inclusion and maturity to ensure Scotland continues to be an outward looking digital nation. We firmly believe harnessing the digital and technological potential in Scotland will help to enhance citizens’ lives and enable organisations to deliver their key priorities.”


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