EU to triple border security, management and migration funding

EU to triple border security, management and migration funding
European Commission First Vice President Frans Timmermans © Dutch Government / Valerie Kuypers

The European Commission has proposed a significant increase in funding for border security, management and migration in the upcoming multiannual financial framework.

Funding for border security, management and migration will increase from a total of €13bn over the period 2014-2020, to €34.9bn over the next budgetary period, from 2021-2027. The increase in funding reflects the need to respond to the growing challenges of irregular migration, security and mobility.

As well as almost tripling funding in this sector, the commission has proposed to create more flexibility in its funding instruments, to allow them to more effectively and efficiently address unforeseen incidents, such as the migrant crisis which began in 2015.

How will the additional funding be used?

The increased border security, management and migration funds will be spent to create a new standing corps of around 10,000 border guards under the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, and will help member states to carry out customs checks by helping to develop new customs control equipment.

The commission has outlined a number of key priorities for allocating the remaining funding, including the development of a stronger and more efficient visa policy as a means of strengthening Europe’s external borders, support for EU border management agencies, and revisions to the EU’s overall asylum and migration policy to make it fairer and more comprehensive.

What are the EU’s priorities?

The European Commission’s First Vice President, Frans Timmermans, said that the increase in funding represented the bloc’s overall ambition to become more secure, while at the same time improving its ability to respond to evolving security threats and migratory challenges.

He stated: “Based on past experience and the knowledge that migration will remain a challenge in the future, we are proposing an unprecedented increase in funding. Strengthening our common EU borders, in particular with our European Border and Coast Guard, will continue to be a big priority. Increased flexibility of our funding instruments means we are ready to support member states quickly; where they need it, when they need it – particularly in the event of crisis.”


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