Stakeholders champion EU plan for development and manufacture of batteries

Stakeholders champion EU plan for development and manufacture of batteries
European Commissioner Maroš Šefčovič © Halime Sarrag

Following the adoption of the European Commission’s mobility package, stakeholders have welcomed the strategic action plan for the development and manufacture of batteries in Europe.

The EU has already acknowledged the potential for Europe to be a world leader in the development and manufacture of batteries, as vehicles increasingly rely on them in the transition away from fossil fuels. The commission’s new strategic action plan will support the battery sector in Europe, and ensure that the sector benefits from the latest in technological advancement.

To facilitate this, the plan highlights key strategic actions that need to be taken at all levels, identifies clear milestones, and mobilises all of the European resources available to the battery value chain, including funding, legal instruments and political initiatives.

How have stakeholders reacted?

EIT InnoEnergy, the European company for innovation and education in sustainable energy, believes that Europe is on track to capture a battery market of up to €250bn annually by 2025, and welcomed the new strategic action plan as a step towards achieving this.

Further, much of the plan pursuing the development and manufacture of batteries was based on work undertaken by the European Battery Alliance, of which InnoEnergy is a member. Alongside over 120 stakeholders, the EBA prepared a series of 49 recommendations over four months which could form the basis of a strategy, and InnoEnergy welcomed this opportunity.

What have stakeholders said about the plan?

The CEO of InnoEnergy, Diego Pavia, hailed the strong impact that the new measures could make, saying: “This is an important milestone for the European Battery Alliance that brings us significantly closer to earning the EU’s place as a leading player on the global battery market. The latest announcement by the EU not only recognises the value of the EBA’s but represents major progress on the pathway to realising this burgeoning opportunity for Europe’s energy industry.”

European Commissioner Maroš Šefčovič also welcomed the opportunity to develop Europe’s battery market, and the transformative impact this could have on transport: “In announcing the implementation of the mobility package By producing key technological solutions at scale, including sustainable batteries, and deploying key infrastructure, we will also get closer to a triple zero: emissions, congestion and accidents.”


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