EU motor vehicle type approval after Brexit

EU motor vehicle type approval
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Car manufacturers whose vehicles have been type approved in the UK will be able to apply for new EU motor vehicle type approval after Brexit.

Type approvals for cars, which establish their capacity to meet requirements on safety, environmental and production concerns, must be obtained in the EU from one of the union’s national approval bodies. Once the UK leaves the EU, according to draft legislation approved by the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, manufacturers will be compelled to source an EU motor vehicle type approval in order to market their vehicles within Europe.

The draft regulation, which covers all motor vehicles and their associated systems, components and technical units, would allow recognition of tests already carried out by UK type approval authorities; but EU motor vehicle type approval authorities would retain the right to request additional testing. Amendments added to the draft by the Internal Market Committee clarified the powers and responsibilities which will pass from UK type approval authorities to those in the EU after Brexit.

The EU’s type approval framework underwent a major overhaul in May 2018. The improved legislation allowed for extra checks on motor vehicles already on the market; and strengthened the union’s oversight of EU motor vehicle type approval.

Internal Market Committee rapporteur Marlene Mizzi said: “Given the current political scenario concerning the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, manufacturers and consumers need certainty where type approvals for vehicles are concerned, to avoid unnecessarily disrupting this important industry. Manufacturers shall now be provided with the required period and legal framework to continue trading within the EU.”

Having received a mandate from the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, the updated EU motor vehicle type approval regulation will be passed to the European Council for negotiation, pending approval in the European Parliament’s plenary sessions. Negotiations must conclude before the UK’s set withdrawal date of March 30, 2019.


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