EU SELFIE initiative improves school technology use

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The EU SELFIE initiative, a free online tool which enables schools to assess their use of technology, has celebrated its first anniversary.

More than 450,000 students, teachers and educational professionals in 45 countries have made use of the EU’s Self-reflection on Effective Learning by Fostering Innovation through Educational technology (SELFIE) initiative since its inception last year; with the figure expected to rise above 500,000 by the end of 2019. In January 2020 the EU expects to launch a version of SELFIE covering work-based vocational education and training.

Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, responsible for the Joint Research Centre, said: “I am pleased that the SELFIE tool is being used in so many diverse schools, helping teachers and students discuss how best to use new technologies in teaching and learning, and boosting their digital skills. Schools themselves are learning organisations, and with SELFIE they can take stock of where they are at on their digital journey and set their future course.”

EU SELFIE initiative user testimonials

  • “We are using digital technologies for many years, but we have not had a proper evaluation of how we are doing, our weaknesses, and what the students think about technology use at our school. Through SELFIE, we know that we can improve things like data protection, safer use of the internet, and social networks. We also need to boost the confidence of teachers with more training and support in using technology.” – School principal, Spain
  • “SELFIE made consensus easier because it prompted us to have detailed discussions about digital learning. Our approach to digital learning is that it becomes almost an invisible aspect of school, that technology is there when the children need it the most and when it is going to improve the learning outcomes of each individual child.” – School principal, Ireland
  • “Students are happier as the quality of the computer classes has improved as a result of the interventions that took place after we received the SELFIE Report.” – Teacher, Greece
  • “We have clearer goals now and we are working to address the different viewpoints that we saw through SELFIE school report.” – Teacher, Italy

The EU SELFIE initiative, which is funded through the Erasmus+ programme, provides students, teachers and school leaders with a set of questions on the use of technology in an educational context. Participation is both voluntary and anonymous; and schools have the option to customise questions to suit their educational approach.


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