European data visualisation project to deliver insight

european data visualisation project
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The European Investment Fund (EIF) has partnered with visual analytics pioneer Tableau to produce an interactive map visualising EIF investments.

The public-facing map, built on Amazon Web Services’ cloud computing platform, utilises Tableau’s data visualisation technology to produce a visual representation of EIF investment in projects throughout the EU; allowing viewers to explore where and how the EIF has supported business initiatives across Member States. Current data shows locations and contexts of the more than €136 billion invested over the last 25 years in more than 1.2 million businesses.

James Eiloart, Senior Vice President of EMEA at Tableau, said: “Public institutions are looking for new ways to connect with their citizens. Giving access to public data in an easy-to-use, visual way allows people to explore questions and find the most relevant insights.  Data visualisation and exploration is a powerful way for people to understand how public money is being spent to improve their communities. Our work with the EIF is a fantastic example of this and demonstrates best practice in how governmental organisations can open up their data for positive public scrutiny that builds transparency and brings tangible benefits.”

The map, operating alongside Tableau’s partner and training provider The Information Lab, allows users to view investment figures on national and regional levels, as well as those for individual businesses. It provides up-to-date data on the amounts invested; the number of businesses benefiting from EIF support; and the approximate number of jobs supported in any Member State of region. By making this information easily accessible and navigable by the public, the project aims to build a wider understanding of public policy decisions.

EIF’s Director of Middle, Information and Back Office José Grincho said: “The interactive map sets a new standard for how an international organisation like the EIF can share core data to show the return on investment of our stakeholders’ financial investments. Our map uses real-time data to show how investment activities are delivering positive impact.  Using Tableau to create and run this map, we can tell our story in a way that makes people understand the real-life value of where we intervene on the ground.”


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