European Maritime Single Window approved

European Maritime Single Window
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The European Parliament and Council have agreed on a regulation establishing a European Maritime Single Window, to the approval of industry groups.

The new framework, which will allow for the creation of an EU-wide Single Window dataset, has been lauded by the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO), European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA) and the World Shipping Council. The regulation will replace the Reporting Formalities Directive and builds on the existing National Single Windows and Port Community Systems reporting mechanisms.

The Single Window regulation will provide:

  • A standardised interface system to provide information to ship operators in the same format across the EU; and
  • A maximum dataset to include only the information necessary for the operation and management of ports and port terminals, with any relevant data with which authorities have been provided to be made available.

ESPO Secretary General Isabelle Ryckbost said: “We see the agreement as a real breakthrough. We are very happy that the new framework is recognizing the bottom-up efforts and investments already made and underway by European ports towards creating a one-stop shop for both the reporting formalities and all other services rendered to stakeholders in the logistics chain. The agreement is thus fully compliant with the ambitious digitalisation agenda of many European ports.”

In certain specific, limited circumstances, Member States will be able to request additional data without first gaining the permission of the European Commission. The regulation is to be instituted as part of a wider move on the part of European ports to streamline administrative processes; and will pass into law once it has been formalised by the Parliament and Council.

John Butler, World Shipping Council CEO and President, said: “The agreement not only harmonizes the data that must be reported but also the way that it is to be transmitted. The E.U. machine to machine interface module as required by the Regulation will simplify the process of reporting data as long as it is implemented identically in each national single window without deviation. The adoption of the legal text is the first important step. The next is to deliver the benefits through loyal implementation.”


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