EV charging at golf clubs to boost Scottish sustainability

ev charging at golf clubs
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A new partnership between Scottish Golf and electric vehicle (EV) charging provider Forev will see widespread provision of EV charging at golf clubs.

The partnership between Forev and Scottish Golf, Scotland’s golf governing body, aligns with the Scottish government’s commitment to phase out the sale of new cars powered by fossil fuels by 2032. Currently only 50% of the population of Scotland has access to electric vehicle chargepoints at home, so Scottish Golf has identified an ‘urgent need’ for convenient, accessible charging facilities. Forev will build a network of more than 1,000 chargepoints providing EV charging at golf clubs, powered by 100% accredited clean energy; the golf clubs hosting the chargepoints will receive a fixed annual payment per charging bay, which will be donated to the junior section of each club.

Scottish Golf CEO Andrew McKinlay said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Forev to help improve the accessibility of electric charging points across Scotland. This new partnership also represents a fantastic opportunity for our golf clubs, with Forev covering installation costs of all charging points; and the potential for additional revenue through increased visitor footfall.”

Lindsay Wallace, founder and CEO of Forev, said: “This is a very proud day for Forev. We look forward to working closely with Scottish Golf to ensure we deliver substantial revenues to these clubs who are contributing to the great game and supporting junior and youth golf.”

Forev’s installation of facilities for EV charging at golf clubs, to be delivered by the company’s technology and service provider SWARCO eVolt, will begin at Crail Golfing Society in Fife, on the East coast of Scotland. Crail Golfing Society Captain Jim McArthur said: “The partnership with Forev has provided us with a valuable resource for the members, who have become increasingly aware of the need to move towards a more sustainable future. The charging units are part of the club’s long-term commitment to lowering its carbon emissions and addresses the demand from the membership for such a facility. Forev has made this possible, with almost no effort on the part of the club.”


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