New electric vehicle charging station uses machine-to-machine communication

New EV charging station uses machine-to-machine communication

Netherlands-based smart charging organisation ElaadNL has installed the world’s first electric vehicle charging station which utilises machine-to-machine communication.

The new station facilitates machine-to-machine communication through the IOTA Tangle, a distributed ledger technology, similar to blockchain, which powers the IOTA cryptocurrency and was designed to work in emerging internet of things environments. The protocol enables secure data transfer to facilitate real-time payments, with no transaction fees.

The station establishes a connection between itself and the car through the charging cable, which then facilitates machine-to-machine communication to enable transactions to occur autonomously. The charger has been installed at a business park in Arnhem, the Netherlands, where it is accompanied by a number of innovative charging statements that are currently being tested.

How does the technology work?

The charging station works entirely autonomously, with no communication protocol required. Transactions are exchanged directly, without using a charge card or subscription, as the station is able to use machine-to-machine communication to facilitate communication and payment itself. The IOTA Tangle then stores transaction information securely, to provide reliable administration.

The new charging station is available to the public for use, and if drivers want to charge cars that do not have the necessary IOTA hardware and software enabled, they can pay using a smartphone app using the IOTA cryptocurrency.

What has ElaadNL said about the project?

ElaadNL’s managing director, Onoph Caron, explained that as well as driving forward innovation in e-mobility to facilitate decarbonisation in transport, the project is also testing the viability of distributed ledger technology for smart city applications.

He said: “This charger shows the ability of using real machine-to-machine communications and micropayments, with the use of IOTA as a secure layer for these payments and data. ElaadNL researches all kinds of innovative and smart technologies with regard to charging electric cars. Distributed ledger technology might become a widespread thing in the near future. Now, we can explore and research its possibilities on our testing ground in Arnhem.”


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