Game of Thrones actors team with SodaStream to end single-use plastics

As the series finale of Game of Thrones approaches, beverage company SodaStream has teamed with actors from the show to campaign against single-use plastics.

Thor Bjornsson, who plays The Mountain in the series, Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor; and Hanna Waddingham, who plays Septa all star in a new video produced by SodaStream, encouraging viewers to “say goodbye” to single-use plastic products. Each of the Game of Thrones actors has appeared individually in previous videos in SodaStream’s “It’s time for a change” campaign, but this is the first in which they all appear; in honour of the final episode of Game of Thrones this Sunday, 19 May. Kristian Nairn said: “As a fan of SodaStream and an advocate for the environment myself, I always welcome an opportunity to help SodaStream spread their environmental message about single-use plastic. This time I got to do it with my two friends, Thor and Hannah, which makes it even better!”

This is the ninth video in the “It’s time for a change” campaign encouraging millions of consumers to take action to address the pressing threat of plastic waste, which was featured on AdAge’s viral videos league table in November 2018 for a previous video featuring Thor Bjornsson and a large turtle urging viewers to reconsider their use of single-use plastics. SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum said: “We are always looking for fun and exciting ways to convey the message that we can enjoy fresh sparkling beverages in a planet-friendly way. We encourage consumers to say goodbye to single-use plastic and hello to reusable solutions.”

SodaStream’s reusable carbonating bottles enable consumers to carbonate their own beverages multiple times per bottle, potentially saving thousands of single-use plastic bottles and drinks cans. SodaStream, which aims to “make water exciting”, has been working with Game of Thrones actors since 2016 to raise awareness of the pollution and environmental harms caused by single use plastic waste.


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