Government Europa Quarterly 28

Government Europa Quarterly 28 covers EU commercialisation, the blue economy and the increasing prevalence of and need for smart security solutions.

With the environmental dangers posed by plastics at the forefront of global conversation, Government Europa Quarterly 28 discusses solutions to the plastics problem in a circular economy, covering recycling, deposit return schemes and waste-to-energy initiatives.


Anjos Nijk, Managing Director of the European Network for Cyber Security, discusses the technological and cybersecurity issues facing smart grid operators and stakeholders.

Driving greener solutions: energy, environment and e-mobility

  • Government Europa Quarterly 28 investigates purported coal cleaning technology;
  • The environmental risks of hydropower and a new, cleaner hydro drilling technique;
  • The movement towards green sources of electricity;
  • Examining ways to address and reduce the global problem of food waste;
  • Advances in e-mobility technology and the progress of electric vehicle infrastructure;
  • E-scooters as a potential green transport solution;
  • Electric and autonomous vehicles and road safety for pedestrians and drivers;
  • The potential of hydrogen and lithium batteries as energy solutions; and
  • The testing safety implications of battery calorimetry.

Web slingers: technology, security and the future

  • The need for cybersecurity education in the energy sector;
  • Keeping children safe online;
  • The post-Brexit future of the UK’s borders;
  • Identifying new ways to manage, retain and protect data online;
  • Moscow’s progress as a smart city;
  • The importance of smart ticketing programmes to drive interoperability;
  • The use of technology in smart buildings and the rise of the digital space;
  • How smart transport and smart infrastructure are intrinsically linked;
  • The development of Internet of Things technology to support smart city projects;
  • A new policy-based peer learning platform provides insight into the policy decision process of governments;
  • How rail safety initiatives are setting the standard for smart cities; and
  • An analysis of how women can thrive in male-dominated sectors, focusing on women in engineering.


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