Government Europa Quarterly 30

Government Europa Quarterly 30 covers policy and innovation developments across the EU, focusing on sustainability, biodiversity and the blue economy.

A new era dawns on the European Union as the former European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker is replaced by the former German Minister of Defence Ursula von der Leyen, the first ever female president of the European Commission. Further changes are occurring in Europe: Christine Lagarde replaces Mario Draghi as President of the European Central Bank during a time of forecasted slowdown. In May this year Austria’s government collapsed after the firing of interior minister Herbert Kickl in the wake of the Ibiza corruption scandal; while in late July Italy’s Democratic Party announced their intention to submit a motion of no confidence against the Interior Minister Matteo Salvini over his reluctance to answer questions on Russian funding for his Lega Nord party.

At time of publication the UK is still set to leave Europe on 31 October, with new prime minister Boris Johnson declaring his intention to implement Brexit whether or not a deal is agreed with the EU. However, von der Leyen has indicated she is open to implementing a further extension on the deadline, in view of the close historical ties between the UK and the EU.


As Brexit inexorably approaches, International Border Management and Technology Association head Tony Smith discusses the increasingly pressing issue of the Irish backstop.

Special feature: biodiversity

Commissioner Karmenu Vella stresses the importance of halting the loss of biodiversity; while the WWF emphasises the role the EU can play in defending biodiversity across the continent. Butterfly Conservation Europe, meanwhile, explains why butterflies and moths are such important indicators of the health of biodiversity across the globe.

Economy, security and sustainability

Transport, mobility and maritime affairs



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