Government Issue 2

Issue 2 of Government looks towards Europe’s future, examining its new policy responses to evolving needs and analysing the changing nature of the relationships between its members – and indeed, the bloc’s relationship to the outside world.

In all sectors, the drive towards sustainability is necessitating major changes, and European leadership – in the shape of policy reforms, roadmaps and recommendations – will ensure that all future efforts are collaborative and co-ordinated.

This edition spotlights the Northern Future Forum, which brought to light the importance of frank discussions between Europe’s northern member states, and offers Sweden’s diplomatic relationships as evidence of how these can impact a country’s economic standing and address social issues within the country. This is followed by an examination of some of the technologies paving the way to the future of healthcare, with particular focus on innovations in biotechnology and the treatment of diabetes.

How is Europe preparing for the future?

  • President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz discusses his priorities for his term of office, including promoting enthusiasm for European integration;
  • Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski explains how a well-balanced European budget can contribute to a healthy future for Europe;
  • Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip shares the small nation’s perspective on developing regional partnerships;
  • Commissioner Johannes Hahn explains the for research and innovation funding to ensure Europe’s future success; and
  • Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani advocates for the promotion of industry is critical to Europe’s economic recovery.

What are the EU’s climate change priorities?