Government Issue 4

Issue 4 of Government examines the EU’s Budget, and how EU funding is allocated to support regional and national efforts. These specialised national projects feed back into the EU’s priorities, and this edition focuses on this process by highlighting how member states are developing innovative responses to broad-scale challenges.

The collaboration involved in these projects has long been a strength of the EU, a fact that was acknowledged with the awarding of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union and the contribution it has made to peace and security over the last 60 years. This publication features a number of contributions calling for closer relationships between Europe’s member states to further this cause.

It also contains a feature on how space-based communication and navigation technologies have become vital to the daily lives of Europeans and how the European Commission is supporting their development; offers a national focus on both Scotland and Estonia, and the ground-breaking projects they are bringing to Europe’s table; and spotlights the role of education and culture in European development.

What is being done to bolster Europe’s economy?

How are national projects contributing?