Government Issue 5

Issue 5 of Government looks at the growing divisions between member states, as a number of senior member state leaders discuss the possibility of renegotiating their relationships with the EU.

Nevertheless, at what seemed like a precarious time, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso has declared that the future of the euro is secure thanks to additional European efforts to reinforce structural problems with the currency. The need for increased integration of the Eurozone may bring member states back together, and alongside this, a number of collaborative projects are forging ties between cities, regions and citizens.
This edition also includes a wide-ranging transport section which covers electricity, biofuels, fuel cells and hydrogen, and other technologies which are changing the face of European transport. It also reemphasises the need for closer European co-operation in sectors ranging from defence to aid and development, and from social affairs to energy.

How is the EU protecting citizens?

  • Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta outlines his perspective on the fiscal challenges facing Europe;
  • Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding discusses how the EU is protecting justice and fundamental rights for 500 million citizens;
  • Regína Jensdóttir, head of the Children’s Rights Division at the Council of Europe, assesses the state of protections for children in the EU;
  • Paola Testori Coggi of DG SANCO considers how the active involvement of patients in their own healthcare can lead to better outcomes; and
  • President of the Council of Europe’s Venice Commission, Gianni Buquicchio, explains his role advising on matters of constitutional law.

Which innovations are changing Europe?