Government Issue 6

Issue 6 of Government turns its focus inward, to highlight recent European policy changes.

These include the ramping up of EU efforts to become a world leader in digitalisation, the commission’s approach to culture, tourism and regional development, and the bloc’s approach to European transport and public health challenges. These steps towards unity are being supported at all levels, through policy action by the European Commission and the Council of Europe, as well as at member state and regional level.

Greater unity and collaboration among member states will prove necessary to deliver on the vision that Europe has for its future, including delivering on ambitious environmental and climate change goals, and developing the renewable energy sources of the future. This unity will also allow the cross-border regulation of interoperable technologies for transport, which will be vital if they are to be widely adopted throughout the bloc.

What are the EU’s current priorities?

How is unity addressing social challenges?

  • Philippe Amouyel of the EU Joint Programme on Neurodegenerative Disease Research discusses European efforts to address the growing concern;
  • Mauro Facchini, head of the Space Research Unit at DG-ENTR outlines how space research can benefit European citizens;
  • DG Environment’s chief scientist, Nicholas Banfield, underlines the importance of EU-wide environmental monitoring; and
  • Dr Danilo Lo Fo Wong of the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Europe outlines joint efforts to combat resistance to antibiotics.