Government Issue 11

Issue 11 of Government finds Europe on the brink of major changes, and embroiled in controversy over the nomination of Luxembourg’s Jean-Claude Juncker to be president of the next European Commission. The UK opposed the candidacy until the very end, but Juncker has promised to work with the country to address any complaints it has about the current state of the union.

This edition also features a section on Europe’s support for innovation in cybersecurity technology for both consumer and military applications, and also outlines research and development in other arenas, from energy to transport.

What are the latest developments in Brussels?

How can the commission support innovation?

  • European Commissioner Neven Mimica talks about efforts to make medical devices safer;
  • DG Connect‘s director general, Robert Madelin, emphasises the need for European leadership in developing a digital agenda;
  • Brian Curtis of the European Economic and Social Committee highlights the need for better dialogue to support innovation in Europe’s energy sector;
  • Bror Salmelin, advisor on innovation systems at DG Connect, calls for a quick scale-up of research to ensure discoveries become commercially viable;
  • Sigrid Johannisse, advisor to European Commissioner Neelie Kroes, details how the commission continues to develop cybersecurity technologies;
  • European Digital Rights’ Joe McNamee reflects on the development of vital security measures in the digital arena; and
  • Erik Jonnaert of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) outlines how the commission’s Cars 2020 action plan has supported the automotive industry.